Leave Legacy for World not Just for Your Childrens:

Human do not have the same capabilities and social and moral supports to grow and be successful. Some of us are born in rich and rather well to do families. Others are born in under privilege families. Some have access to education and others don’t. Some have strong mind and will power and other don’t. As Shakespeare said “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

But there are many who do not belong to any of these categories. They are born poor, no one come up to them to thrust greatness upon them and they do not inherit genes to achieve greatness by themselves!

Whatever you have or earn, you have earn from here. So before you depart, you must return it here rather than inherit it just to your sons and daughters. They are not rightful owner of it as neither have they earned it from you nor you earn it from them. They are not rightful owner of your debt and punishments either. So by default they are not owner of your property too. You earn it from poor and under privileged people who were not able to compete with you. Hence you must return it to them as a gesture of good will.

Here is one more reason why you must do not inherit everything to your children. Your money will make them lazy and they will waste life in drugs and enjoyment rather than making their life amount to something. They will not be able to experience hard work, pain and suffering which is important to appreciate happiness and beauty of life.

Seven of world richest man on earth has decided not to inherit their money to their heirs. I too decided to give away my whole legacy to charity rather passing it on to my daughters. Of course I will support them to be successful in their life till I am alive. I will leave something for my wife too (as she is not a working women) but rest will go to charity once I am gone.  That money will be utilised to help those who does not have access to those means which I had when I was a kid. Like education, Internet, books, coaching, seminars, nutritious diet, clean drinking water, sanitation, medicine and technology.

The father of Bill Gates was not the richest man of the world but Bill gates did become world richest man without any inheritance. Before Bill gates became world richest man it was Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, in 1985 who was considered the richest person. But his son or daughter didn’t took place of richest man or women. Similarly, present richest man, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is not the son of previous richest man either. Jeff Bezos has overtaken Bill Gates and is now the richest person in the world, with a fortune topping $90 billion for the first time in 2017. So it is not the legacy but the innovation, hard work and determination which make you or your offspring rich and famous. Best of us comes out when we face most difficult situation in our lives. If you are satisfied by everything you have you are a dead person wasting energy.

Nature hates disparity. But we the human are creating disparity by inheriting our property to our offspring and denying all other from whom we accumulated it. This will not create a sustainable future. We must give back our legacy to a society which in turn assures to take care of our loved once as well as poorest of the society to help them grow and become successful.

Success of society is more important than success of individual or a family in long run. Consider a hypothetical example of a billionaire who became richest person of a country. He accumulated enough money which suffices the need of his seven generation from present standard. But because of unstained society a revolution or a civil war broke out. The whole country was devastated. The value of currency goes so low that the wealth that was sufficient for seven generation is no more sufficient to present generation. Moreover, it may happen that in this violence some of his family members die and whole wealth became useless.  On other hand if whole society will progress and even if your progeny does not have any wealth they will still survive nicely. Because in sustainable society everyone will be taken care off by society itself. Whether you die early or you die late, whether you die rich or you die poor your family will not be affected financially. Your children will still have access to education, jobs and good life.


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