Help poor’s to earn livelihood

We help beggars, sometimes because of their condition and sometimes because they irritate us by begging for long time. But when a poor person tries to earn money by hard work-we never help him. Instead we try to gain from his situation. For example: suppose there is a poor man trying to sell vegetables door to door. We will bargain from him and then we will ask Dhanya* in free.

We need to change our attitude. Let us help new starts up where people’s are putting sweat and blood to make it successful. Let us stop bargaining from poor wayfarer, cobblers, rickshaw-puller, maids and others doing similar works. Be generous towards them and soon you will find beggars around you are reducing. If by begging a beggar is earning suppose Rs 100 a day, and by working hard a labor is earning Rs.90 then ultimately people will be more inclined towards begging which requires less hard work.  The valve of 10 rupees for a poor person is 10 times greater than for rich person.

Sit and think for few minutes: who deserve your money more? A beggar who is begging without any obvious reasons or a person working hard and yet is not getting enough money to eat two times. But still he is not begging because he has self-esteemed .

Many Muslims gives Zakat (Charity), I think that instead of distributing your zakat in many persons, give it to one person. So that he /she can utilize it for some meaningful purpose. Moreover you can also give him some good practical advice based on your experience and help him in starting new small business. Based on profit-sharing you can invest some of your money in his business and boost his business.  Your primary goal will remain helping him but at the same time you can earn some money.

Many people have ideas and skill to earn money but have no money to start their work.  They are not so much educated that they can get loan from bank. Some people use their condition and give them money on very high interest. Due to lack of experience they hardly succeed in first attempt and spent whole life in returning interest. If you have money and you find someone doing small business like repairing tire puncher, selling door to door some small items etc. Go to him talk about him. Tell him about your investment plan. Make personal friendly relation with him. Ask if he has any idea how to grow business or give him your idea. Assure him that you really want to help him because of his condition. Motivate him to send his child to school. Help him in filling forms and other formalities. Don’t inverts huge amount of money. Just that much which you can let goes if everything fails. Business is a risky thing. Trust no one with your money. Do not hand over whole money in one time. Make a plan with him and issue money in installments. Make a verbal agreement about profit-sharing. Don’t be too greedy though. Be focus on your purpose of helping. Give him full freedom to do his work.

Since you helped him, which is very rare thing now a day, he will not cheat you most probably. Also, he knew that you may help him second time so it is not good idea to cheat you. Even if he will not return you anything, his success will be your reward.

By investing just Rs 50,000 a year, you can change many lives and might generate a secondary income. But the most important thing which you will earn will be happiness and satisfaction.  

*Green Coriander leaf

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