An Open letter to TEEN-INDIA

Hi Mates,

Let me take some liberty to write in your language. :). Because it is always easy to make someone understand in his or her language. Here is my message to TEEN-India.

I am not a preacher. I am just like you-An Indian with some gray hairs and with a vision to make India developed Nation by 2030. Thanks to IT (information Technology) that you have all the information on your fingertips literally. Just a click on google and you find information about everything invented or discovered until this date. You are empowered to bring change in sleeping giant called India. So gear up guys and gals and be the change you want to see in our Nation. Start from yourself.

You are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. So Work on tomorrow’s technologies. Work on AI, Block chain, AR, VR, edge computing, renewable sources of energy, space technology, Robotics, Genetics, synthetic biology, stem cell, Nano technology etc. Look around yourself, what problems Peoples are facing and how you can solve them using technology and convert it into a successful business idea.

What Hollywood movies shows you is not real west. In real west, large no. of peoples are dedicating life to research and development of Science. They publish most of the books and read them too. That is how they are so advance and developed nation. Someone asked Elon Musk (A man behind Space X and Electric car Tesla) “how do you know about so many things?” He simply answer in three words “I read books”. Here in India just a wink distract whole Nation! People will tell you that Bill Gates was a drop out. However, they forget to tell you that he used to study books for hours in his free time. Below is what Bill Gates told about his learning habit:

“I’ve always loved digging into the science and math behind my work. At Microsoft, I got deep into computer science. At the foundation, it’s computer science plus biology, chemistry, agronomy, and more. I’ll spend hours talking to a researcher or an expert, and then I’ll go home, dying to tell Melinda what I’ve learned. I can’t imagine a better way to spend the bulk of my time”: #TBT

Reading books, along with your textbooks, are very important for a better perspective of your life. Watch motivational and inspiration videos from all over the world. Learn about Great personalities, innovators and entrepreneurs across the globe like Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Richard Dawkins, Jeff Bezos, Sunder Pichai, Indra Nooyi , Steve Jobs, CV Raman, APJ Abdul Kalam, Aryabhatta , Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Stephen Hawking to name a few.

What India needs is a youth with scientific attitude towards life. An ignited mind. A desire to change corrupt systems and vote for right candidates. Start early. Do not just memories books for exams. Understand them. Believe that everything you are reading is important. Ask questions, try to understand practical implications of knowledge you are gaining. Apply what you learn in school in your daily life. Be an observer. Ask yourself can we do things differently. Find some innovative ideas and try setting up a business. Right now, we have fewer jobs and more qualified students searching for jobs. Hence, the only solution is instead for becoming job seeker become job creator. Govt. has introduced many schemes for starts up under Make in India initiative.

World is full of small and negative thinkers. If you are not getting good-grades in your exams that does not mean you are not genius. You might have some other skills or you are just not interested in studies. Your grades are not representative of your intelligence. Einstein never scored good grades in exam but still he is one of the most brilliant mind in human history. Believe in yourself. Don’t always listen to others. Sometimes we feel that everything is finish. We start thinking that I do not have any quality. I am a total failure and I am an embracement for my family. There is no point in living.  That is not true.

After every dark night, there is a bright day. We never know what our destiny holds for us. One or two failures does not end anything. Greatness is not in never falling, but in raising again every time you fall. You are not a failure until you give up! My friends NEVER GIVE UP. Pin point your problem that is holding you back. Work on it and get rid of it. Life is beautiful. Believe in yourself. One day you will succeed. You will have everything you dream about if you never give up. If you can’t run-Walk. If you can’t walk-Crawl. Nevertheless, never ever stop in your life. Always keep moving forward.

Wishing you happiness and success in all walks of life. Jai Hind.

A fellow Indian.


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