Ten mistakes new bloggers can avoid:


  • Writing about yourself all the time: Until you are a celebrity or interesting person, avoid giving examples from your life and most importantly do not write about your daily routine. If you have a travel related blog, focus on what you see not on how your day went. No one is interested in knowing about you (heart breaking but true). People are interested in learning about themselves. Always focus on giving something to your readers, which is worthwhile for them. Write about them. Use examples from life of famous and successful persons.
  • Long Posts: Avoid long posts until and unless necessary. You can also divide your post in two parts if necessary. Some readers run away when they saw a very long post. Maximum 750-1000 words post is enough. Above that, it is better to divide it into parts.
  • Short Post with a link to other post: Please avoid it. It is a big turn off to find a link to another website or blog to read the original post. While embedding and connecting your different post is good idea, but leaving a link below heading without any content is not a good idea.
  • Duplicate content: Please avoid copy paste. Even if you took the permission of author, it is not a good idea to re-published whole of the content especially if you want to earn some bugs from your blogs. Learn about SEO (search engine optimization). Google give more preference to original content when someone search for any key word. Your ranking will go down if you keep re-publishing someone else’s content already available on web. In case you do not have permission from author, it is really a bad idea to steal someone’s post. Moreover, in copyright infringement case, you might end up paying heavy penalty or imprisonment.
  • Clarity: Sometimes writers start with one topic, but in the middle, they distracted by other thing and start writing about it in detail leaving the main topic unfinished. Make sure your blog flow like a river. Stick to one point and clarify it.
  • Lack of time: If you just come to WordPress to publish your post and left, then things will not move. Make new followers by reading their blogs and commenting on them. Follow new bloggers. In return, they will check your blogs and if they find your blogs interesting, they might follow you as well. More follower’s means more views. Hence, spent some time on WordPress.
  • Feeling upset by less views or followers: If you want to become a successful blogger, patience is must. Initially, things will be difficult but keep posting good and useful articles. It will take 3 to 6 month before you see the result. Focus on getting more followers and unique content.
  • Considering “like” or “views” as proof of Good content: Please do not be judgmental too early. There are a lot of generous bloggers who will hit like without reading your full article. So do not confuse likes with good content. Comments are the only way to know about your content. When people’s actually find your content good, they spent time and energy in commenting on your blog. If your content piss them off, they might write negative comments too. However, you must take them as opportunity for improvement.
  • Blogging for Money: If writing and sharing your ideas is not your hobby, you are in the wrong boat. Only those peoples can make money from blogging who can write for their passion free of cost for long time. Until you do not have thousand followers, you will not be able to make sufficient amount of money.
  • Choosing wrong platform: WordPress is a great platform. However, WordPress.com and WordPress.org both are two different platforms. Most of new bloggers do not know about this difference and choose wrong platform. Check online which one is better for you and join correct WordPress.

Real Happiness:

Most of us want a decent job to earn enough money to live a happy life. However, within a short span of time, they realize that they are not happy even though they are earning ample salary. Money is important but money is not the only thing required to be happy! If you make your hobby your means to earn livelihood, not only you will be more successful but also you will be happier. By choosing your priorities early, you can make your life better. After all, life is the product of our choices and situations.

Believe me; in present world, it is not so difficult to make your passion your profession. You just need planning and lot of patience. It might take some time before you start earning handsome amount of money. Nevertheless, once you start earning money, with time, it will continue to increase. Best part is that you are living your passion. You will be happy even though you are earning less initially. The only thing stopping you to live your passion is your thinking. Ask yourself this question. How can I make money with my hobbies? Focus on the skills you have and find the way to convert your hobby into your profession. Start making YouTube videos to help other and monetize your channel. If you are passionate about writing, start your own blog and use wordads or adsense to generate money.

Sometimes peoples confuse temporary laughter as happiness. Especially while giving example that money is not required for happiness, we point towards a poor person laughing on a joke or being happy playing with his children. Definitely, money is not prerequisite for happiness. However, money makes life easier. You gain better control on your life with money. Without money, you can be happy in bits and pieces. You do not need money to enjoy company of your loved once. However, without money they might not give you time or respect you deserve. Which will make you sad.

For permanent happiness, sufficient money to run your life smoothly is indeed required. However, besides money various other things are crucial too. Most important is your health. Not just of your body but also of your mind as well. Give time to your mind and body. As exercise and balance diet keep your body fit, meditation, mindfulness techniques and good sleep keeps your mind fit. Second important factor is relationships. Make sure you are marring to right person by talking to her. Focus on his/ her nature more than his/ her appearance. If you find a wife with good nature and pleasant personality, your life will be like heavens! Divorcing and getting married again will not fix things. Your first wife will take away some of you with her, and leave some of her imprint on you for long time if not forever! If you have kids, divorce will be a hell, not just for you but for your kids as well. You cannot learn everything by hit and trial. Hence, the right way is to check out everything before deciding for marriage.

Third thing is Job. Look for less tension, more pay jobs or business. Follow your passion. You can live happily even in less money by following your passion and converting it into your profession.

Fourth point is perspective. This is actually a difficult point. Please focus and try to understand it. Not all those peoples, who believe purpose of life is happiness, should follow their own perspective if it does not match with others in their society. Because you will not be happy if you have different perspective. Your life, your family, everything will disturb. However, if you believe that purpose of life is to live with reason and self-control in every situation you must strive for true perspective. On an average 85 % peoples in this world live their life with wrong perspective towards life. Still, they live a happy life because they never care about truth. Moreover, their happiness is fake like happiness of drug addict, when he takes drug, he feel like he is flying in air. He forgot every problem in his life. As effect of drug vanishes, he start feeling pain and weakness. Hence, Purpose of life should not be happiness; else, in pursuit of happiness you might become a “Hippie”.  True happiness is not in running behind happiness but in making life meaningful and purposeful. Happiness is not a goal but a condition, which we can achieve by setting right goal for our life. Those who confuse happiness as goal or purpose of life cannot live a meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding life. Take pain in making your life meaningful, set goal and exceed them. In due course, you will attain happiness.

Please comment if you agree with my post.

Discover yourself & live a meaningful life:

For whole life, we remain busy in learning about everything except our self. For first 20 years (up to graduation) of our education, we learn about the world and everything in it. However, no one teach us about our mind in detail, except if you take psychology as your subject in graduation.

If you are uneducated, you do not have even basic knowledge about yourself. You live your life believing you know about yourself everything. Unfortunately, psychologically you know nothing about yourself. You do not know about unconscious bias you have, you do not know about believes which were embedded in you during your childhood in your brain through indoctrination. You do not know that your subconscious mind and conscious mind do not have direct connection. You do not know that extreme emotions like anger trigger your subconscious to by-pass conscious mind and take charge of situation. Whatever you do during this time period will be entirely different from your normal behaviour. Later you might even repent it. Learn about Neural Science, psychology and human behaviours, this is where we all need to invest some time and money.

Knowing about yourself, i.e. your mind can empower you to develop better control over yourself self. In book 7-habits of highly effective peoples, Author mentioned very powerful and practical thought:

There is a space between stimulus and response, in that space lies your freedom to choose your response and on your response depends your growth and future. Use your space to take right decision.

Do not let your sub-conscious dictate you its decision. Think positively for a moment: What will be the outcome of this? Suppose a person get mad at you. Your first and immediate reaction will be anger. Your fight or flight mode is on based on your subconscious action. Wait for a second to think, what is the right action?  Immediately you will realize in most of cases that fighting is not the right action. Use your space between stimulus and response. Your response must come from conscious brain. Soon you will discover a new you! By discovering yourself you can motivate yourself and make your life more productive. Below are things we can do to keep us self-motivated.

  1. Vision: Primarily important thing for successful life and motivation is vision. Vision is more than forward thinking. It is overall plan to achieve your desired goals based on resources you have and knowledge of your surroundings. If you don’t know where you are going you will never be interested in going there.
  2. Smart Work: Plenty of people do hard work and at some time feel tired of their efforts as they fail to earn in proportion of their work. They fail to realize that with hard work they also need right direction to be successful. Start doing smart work which is the combination of hard work with right direction. When you start getting success or increment in your salary/ profit, you automatically become motivated.
  3. Positive Thinking: Most of our disappointment are result of negative thinking. A small bird shit on you and you feel disgusting. Thanks god that elephants do not fly! That is call positive attitude. Stop worrying when your flight is 3 hours late; look for a bookstore or a restaurant. Go to Mc Donald’s and enjoy Mc burger! Your anger and frustration will not land the flight earlier. You have to wait. Wait happily. Use your mobile phone and talk to your loved once watch videos, surf internet. Always remember, Good time run faster than bad time. Thus, whenever you have to pass time make it good time.
  4. Use your sub-conscious: Meditation can help you to motivate yourself. Our mind understand images not words. Create a bright and happy image in your mind while meditating. Think about changes you want to bring in your life, and how those changes will make you happy. You can read my blog on sub-conscious mind and meditation in detail here.
  5. Read Good Books. There is no substitute of books. If you are not a good reader, try watching videos on YouTube. Videos of great achievers, biographies and lectures of motivational guru’s can help you.
  6. Think about Others: Many peoples do not want to work anymore because they had enough to live their life comfortably. This is very small thinking. Human are social animals, we must think about others. If you have enough, then either help others to earn or spent on them.

Why Sex is a taboo in the land of Kama Sutra?


There are several schools in India, where teachers are protesting against teaching Sex education forget about teaching reproduction. They skip whole chapter on reproduction as if it is something sinful or shameful. I wonder how India became world second largest populated country if peoples are so shy talking about sex. We Indian have truncated ideology. We pretend to be like epitome of culture, but from inside we are just human craving for sex. Talking about sex is like a crime in family. There are cases where even after five years of marriage husband and wife are shy about sex, but somehow they manage to have babies every year. It might be because wife is shy talking about condoms and other family planning means and man is least bother about family planning. Only few lucky women might disagree. Khushwant Singh rightly observed “Indian man have more sex in their mind than in their groin”.

Those who are against sex education must understand that sex education is not about sex, it is about our own nature and our body. Teenagers have lot of questions and doubts about changes that occur in their body as they reached puberty. If we will not provide proper guidance they might be misled by some ignorant peoples. Sex education provides them basic, accurate information about the risks of teen sexual activity and about ways to avoid intercourse or to use methods of protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. It also Include activities that address social pressures that influence sexual behaviour. All in all, it makes them responsible and aware about their sexual behaviour.

India is one of the biggest consumers of pornography. Indians wrote oldest guide on practical sexual intercourse known as Kama sutra. However, after thousands of year later, in front of family we pretend like we are saint. If during TV ad. break, there is an ad of condom or even sanitary pad, members of same family start sweating and immediately change the channel. Everyone knows everything but everyone pretend to know nothing. This is how they respect elders. Indeed, true respect means you must be same inside home and outside home, in front of elders and in absence of elders else you are just befooling your family.

When we all know about each other nature, what is wrong in talking openly about sex ? Why sex is such a bad word? Why there is no open discussion about sex education? If teachers are not feeling comfortable, school must hire professional groups to impart sex education. Closing eyes or feeling ashamed will not work. To save our youth from destroying their life a proper educational framework is necessary. Sex education is part of it and must be compulsory in all government and private schools.

HALALA-How peoples misuse religion:


In Islam, Marriage is a permanent contract between man and women to live together with consent. Man is allowed to divorce wife in extreme condition but divorce is not considered as a good act. If a husband pronounce Divorce three times in a row or after a period of time both husband and wife will be separated permanently. Re-marriage with each other after divorce is forbidden except in one condition. If divorced wife marry with someone and consummate the marriage and later due to some reason if her second husband divorces her  with his own will (or dies), then in that case first husband can marry his ex-wife. This is known as Halala. This condition was laid down to stop divorce as their re-marriage is very difficult. In Quran it is clearly mentioned as below:

(2:230) And if he has divorced her [for the third time], then she is not lawful to him afterward until [after] she marries a husband other than him. And if the latter husband divorces her [or dies], there is no blame upon the woman and her former husband for returning to each other if they think that they can keep [within] the limits of Allah . These are the limits of Allah, which He makes clear to a people who know.

In Pakistan and some other Muslim countries, people have made it their business. They volunteer themselves to marry divorced women and divorce her next day after copulation with her. This practice is totally against Islam and equivalent to prostitution. Because your marriage is not legal if your intention is to divorce her very next day after having sex. Some people even charge money for this service. Ironically, many husbands who love their wives but divorce them in heat of moment, in anger or due to misunderstanding have no other choice than Halala. Even Muslim cleric’s are involved in such exploitation of women.

Furthermore, Zafar Iqbal Kalanauri in ‘Marriage, Divorce and Re-Marriage (Halala) in Islam’, furthers this thought:

“There is no concept of Halala in Islam. This is something that has been made by some Muslims and unfortunately is now seen as part of the Shariah by some Muslims. The rule of the Holy Quran is that if a man divorces his wife for the third time in one marriage contract, then the wife cannot go back to the man unless she (genuinely) marries another man and then (genuinely) is divorced by that man… this rule should not be dealt with by pre-planned marriage and divorce.”

These guys had made marriage and women such a joke. Once a serious condition to stop divorce is now becoming opportunity for prostitution. Below is link to one such website with HALALA advertisement. Young boys are volunteering themselves free of cost. They have no shame left. They are talking like they are offering themselves for a noble cause but they are just spreading lewdness. All Muslims must refrain from such practice. Do not give three Talaq (Divorce) together.


Finally, Wheel Start Rolling!


I would like to thanks all friends and bloggers who viewed, liked and followed my posts. Today I completed 50 posts and 50 followers. So Excited :). In the beginning, it was very difficult journey but now I feel little more confident as wheel start rolling. Thank you everyone on WordPress for love, support and your generosity. It is just the start of long journey and I hope you all will continue to support me. My mission is to spread love, peace, equality and humanity. I believe that Science is the only way forward. By 2020, I want to start a NGO dedicated to sustainability, peace and humanity in India. Please do join me to spread peace. Thanks once again.

Truth about Vaastu Shastra

While making or buying a new house in India , the very first thing peoples  enquire about is whether house is built according to Vaastu (Meaning dwelling) or not. What is Vastu Shastra and does it affect human life is subject matter of this blog.

Until last week, I knew nothing about Vastu except its name. Therefore, I decided to learn about it, as I was interested in buying new home. Initially I though, Vastu deals with orientation of house to get maximum air and sunlight naturally. Like, west facing house with glass windows will get more heat compared to east facing. As I learn more and more I find out that it is not about ventilation or lighting but it is just a superstition combined with some ancient wisdom and calling it science is insult of science.

As an example, below is excerpt from a site promoting Vastu shastra (link-1- mentioned in the end) for bedroom orientation:

Vaastu Guidelines for Bedroom

Let us also explore the basic Vastu guidelines that have to be followed, in case of the bedroom:-

  1. Vaastu Shastra does not recommend a bedroom in the South East under any circumstances. It is best to shift from this room to any other room in the South West, South, West or North West. In case there is no choice, keep the bed away from the southeast corner or you will be sleeping on too much fire. Sleep in this room with your head towards the South and feet towards the North to ward off the ill-effects.
  2. According to Vaastu Shastra, mirrors should not be located inside the bedroom as this leads to frequent misunderstandings and quarrels between couples. However, if essential, place them preferably along the North East wall.

In point no.1 it says that if bed-room is in south east, you will be sleeping in too much fire! Really?

Second point is clearly a superstition.

Same site gives below definition for Vastu:

What is Vastu ?

Vaastu is the science of directions that combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material. Vaastu Shastra creates a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called “Paanchbhootas” of the nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment.

(To read more click the Link-2 in the end of blog)

Very poetic definition, making vaastu-shastra very scientific looking. However it is all fake.

Entire ancient mythologies in different part of the world were based on concept of five elements. In ancient world, peoples believed that everything including human body is made-up of five elements. Namely: earth, water, fire, air and sky (Some call it Ether or space too). Sadly, this is a vague idea, which has no truth in it.

Presently, with advancement of Science we come to know that Earth, water and air are not elements. Elements are pure chemical substance consisting of one type of atom. Earth and air are mixture whereas water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen elements, and there is nothing like sky in real. It is just an illusion created by scattering of light when it enters into earth atmosphere. Only three things exist in cosmos- matter, energy and space-time. Peoples used to think that Space is filled with Ether, but now we know that Space is empty. Fire is not matter or element either. The light and the heat produced by the flame is energy. Today, we know that some elements are common in earth and air, but all elements are not present in air and water. Most of the elements are found in earth alone in compound form.

For correct theory, we need correct concept, if concepts are not correct we can never create correct theory. Hypothesis of   five elements universe is wrong so is the theory based on it like Vastu-shastra and Astrology.

Everyone is free to believe anything in his or her mind. However, when they start associating it with Science without any proof, evidence or peer reviewed information, I find it unethical. Do not sell your superstition in the name of Science. This is not correct practice, as science does not support any superstitions. Vastu-shastra and Astrology are myth and has nothing to do with Science. Believe in them at your own risk.


Friends- Assets or Liability?


We all have friends at some point of time if not always. However, there is a mark difference between friends and the true friends. Many friends are actually just attention seekers, opportunity driven Peoples who pretend to be your friends for getting some benefits. Do not confuse them with your true friends. These peoples are your social connections. Such peoples will treat you well as long as you are useful to them. In your good time, they will be with you but in bad time, they will run away.

True friends are the one who will always be there in your difficult times and will give you right advice whether you like it or not. True friends are assets we all must have. Such friends make your life good and remain loyal to your family long after you gone. It is very difficult to find such friends but once you find them make sure you never lose them. There is no standard procedure to find or make true friends. The only way is to be genuine with your friends and be with them in their difficult time.

When things are progressing well in our life, we do not realize any need of support and help from any one. Unfortunately, such pleasant phases do not last longer for most of us. When some unfortunate, unpleasant and unplanned thing occurs in our life, we look all around for helping hand and shoulder to lean on. In such time, if you find your true friends besides you, life becomes easier. My concept of sustainable society is also driven with same notion. Click here to read about sustainable society. 

Lazy Brain

We are lazy by default to save energy for emergency. Accepting things without investigating takes less energy so we tend to believe things rather investigating about it. We, human, are the pattern seeking animals. Our subconscious start looking for patter and make decision before our conscious mind start thinking. Our sub conscious is fast, powerful and active; where as our conscious mind is intelligent but lazy. Below is very interesting example where most of the people give wrong answer. This is a good example of how our mind work.

Ronaldo’s father has 5 sons:






Guess the name of fifth son?

Please answer in comment section.


Silent Cry!

How will you feel if you have your own baby but you are not in a position to call him/her your baby? You want to cherish him/her, but you can’t! For an Author, his work, his book is like a baby. He is the one who give birth to it, after conceiving it sometimes more than nine month in his head. However, out of fear of his life, if he is unable to publish it or publish it with someone else name (pen name), the feeling is same as feeling of a mother who is unable to call her child her own. Freedom for expression and freedom of speech are good slogan, but they only exist until you are talking in favour of government, religion and society. As you open your mouth to speak against government, religion and society you lose all freedom.

There are two ways you can learn-hard way and easy way.  Hard way is try doing yourself, make mistakes and learn. Easy way is learn from other mistakes. If Salman Rushdie-Author of “Satanic Verses” knew that his book will cause bloody protest and death sentence for him, he might not published it with his name or might have edited some parts before publishing. He learn about the reality in hard way. Salman Rushdie was not brave to write such book; he was ignorant about his own community. If you are brave but not stupid, you can learn from Rushdie and many other such examples in easy way and avoid writing against some particular religions or at least take some precautions like keep your identity hidden.

The only reason people are afraid of truth is that they abide in falsehood. They neither want to be exposed not want to accept truth. The only way they can achieve their goal is by snatching your freedom of speech. What an ignorant and obdurate attitude is this! I mean, the first step in correcting yourself is to recognize you were wrong. Instead of recognizing your mistake if you are adamant that your world view is right and you are not willing to accept anything else, you will never ever find truth. You will always live in your own self-made wonderland.

What is the point in living in darkness even though that darkness console you? There is a saying by Plato “we can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” He said it 2500 years ago, and ironically, it is still valid in 21st century. Why people afraid of light is a big question? One reason might be Cognitive Dissonance.



Children are hard-wired to reject everything against their belief through indoctrination. As they grow up, they do not want to listen anything against their faith. When someone present them, a rational analysis of their irrational believes or when someone mildly criticize their superstitions, they became aggressive because logically they cannot prove their religious faith. Because Faith by definition, does not require any evidence. They start attacking your logical arguments as illogical and immoral from their standpoint. However, they fail to realize that morals are not absolute; they are relative to your belief. Religious Peoples draw their morals from their sacred scriptures believed to be written by GOD. In this case, if God of religion is pro human, we find pro human morals. Else, morals might be anti-feminist or caste and race based. Religion like Judaism teaches that Jews are chosen one. Hinduism teaches rigid caste system. Christianity for long time supported Slavery system. In Shia Muslims, Muta (Short Contract marriage) is still in practice.

Anything that is against religion is unacceptable to the followers. Everything else, they are open to accept from same source. Whether you have concrete evidence or logical arguments, nothing suffice to trans pass faith. It seems that doors of mind opens from inside not outside. You keep on knocking from outside but it will not yield any result. As long as people’s will not understand that they are victim of cognitive dissonance and unconscious biases (click here to know more about unconscious biases), they will not even try to overcome it.

There is a very thin line between brevity and stupidity. Intellectuals around the globe are forced to cry silently for their right for freedom of expression and free speech. Because even slight criticism about some religions and governments can make their life in danger.