Science is Wrong!


People have much misconception about Science. Instead of learning and getting some basic scientific education they keep criticising Science and its theories. Just want to ask one question. Which of the below two statements are right reactions if you do not understand something:

  1. Start criticising it.
  2. Learn about it. Ask someone who is expert in that field and if still don’t understand it then just say it that I don’t understand it.

Most of the people who don’t have even the vague idea about Science, keep finding fault like an expert. They don’t know that in Science easiest way to fame is to disprove some previous theories. Go get your Nobel price if you really think that you can actually and logically disprove some well-established theories of science.

Peoples who never had read a single book on biology can be found criticizing Evolution. If you do not understand how apes were transformed in human you are highly recommended to read books on evolution. Talk to some evolution expert. If still you are not satisfied go out and find answers with new evidence proving your belief. If you do not understand anything it does not necessary means it is wrong. We do not understand many things but still they work, for example you may not know how a helicopter fly! That does not mean that helicopter will cease to fly.

Initially when you start learning about anything you do not understand everything. As you continue to study about something and that something really make sense then surely you will understand it one day. As you study more you will learn more. Hence, do not criticize anything until you know enough about it.

Science has a self-correcting mechanism and there are no authorities or dynasty in Science. You are not supposed to keep faith in science because science is not a religion. You are encouraged to ask question and observe things around you.

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