Wake Up India

Note: Purpose of writing this blog is not to share my life experience but to make everyone realize how we are becoming habitual of everything around us and fail to realise what miserable life we are living!

It has been two years since I was working abroad. It was time for my vacation and I was super excited. Finally, after two years I am going back to my country. I booked my ticket, purchased some gifts for my family and friends, packed my bags and left for India. Morning 4 am I landed in India. I took a deep breath and my eyes were filled with tears. As I came out of the Delhi airport (IGI) my family was eagerly waiting for me. It was like a morning of Eid.

While coming out of Delhi there was so much noise of horns and traffic jams. I finally make a remark about it and everyone in the Innova started laughing. By brother exclaimed, “Oh yes, now we have an NRI! Sir this is India you were born here and in two-year, you start feeling problem with noise?” I sit quietly afterwards. We stopped at one Dhaba for breakfast. I eat delicious paratha with aachar and  chai. There was lot of dust due to running automobiles on main road. I ignored everything and focused on my breakfast. Finally we reached home city around 10 am. To reach home we have to cross bazzar. It was too crowded and roads were too narrow for one car. Our driver was expert and habitual in this conditions so he managed and we reached home where my mother was eagerly waiting for me. She hugged me and offer tap water. It was winter so no need to cool water. We talk for about an hour, have lunch and then I went to sleep. When I wake up my stomach was making sounds and I rush to toilet. I vomit and later diagnosed with food poisoning.

We have amazing habit of adaptability. In developing and under developing country we do not care about germs. We eat fruits without washing them; we eat without washing our hand with soap. We do not care about pollution level nor we bother to test water we are drinking. Still most of us became habitual of digesting everything we eat and drink. Even spicy food has no effect on us.

In just two years, all those habits changed and now I was no more immune to germs. I cannot drink tap water or unfiltered underground water, which my whole family can drink without any problem. I can not eat street food too. When I go to market I feel chaos and crowdedness. There are areas where I am afraid to drive two-wheeler because of traffic. Bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, cars, tractor, bullock cart and pedestrian everyone moving on the same road. Shops are extended on roads and covering half of the road.

Some one told  me a story. If you put a frog in warm water, it will jump out quickly. But if you put a frog in normal water and start heating water slowly. Frog will not be able to notice the rise in temperature until water start boiling. Are we going through the same phase? Slowly and gradually, our condition is becoming worst. Population is increasing abruptly. Cities are becoming more and more crowded. Noise, pollution, poverty and cost of living all are increasing. Now a day, we do not find space to make our home. We are forced to live in Flats. When you go out of your country and specially visit any developed country or a rich country then only you realize we are living in inhuman conditions. However, we never realize it. We are happy with small improvements in life and ignoring the bigger picture. Roads are better now, every day we see new model of cars. What about our banking system? What about our education system? What about our soldiers who are complaining about food? What about increasing unemployment in educated youth. For uneducated people’s government has pakoda policy for employment. What is the government plan for Engineers and other professionals? Corruption is increasing day by day. Accountability is decreasing. No one is willing to take blame of fail government policy. De-monetization failed badly but no one took its responsibility. We are moving backward except some lucky corrupt big business man and politicians who are making money. 1% Rich Indians are having 73% of total Indian money. If masses of India will not understand there duty towards nation, nothing will change. Wake up and vote for candidates who are not corrupt. Do not vote for party. Vote for a candidate who is not involve in any corruption and criminal case, who is available to listen your problem. Let us send a message to corrupt parties that they will not get our vote by hook or crook. Our vote is our power. In democracy, you do not need revolution to change government. Just use your vote sensibly and everything will be fixed.


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