Humanity First


We, the human, created so many geo-socio-political differences among ourselves that sometimes we forget that we all are human being. These differences are causing aversion, genocides, wars, riots, revolts, mutinies and ethnic cleansing based on gender inequality, nationality, race, color, caste, eating habits, and religion. We all have only one similarity -We all are humans. If we start focusing on that, all other differences will perish.

Time has come when we have to raise ourselves above caste, color, gender, religion, ethnicity, profitability, nationality and all other such differences and to keep humanity first. We all share same planet, same atmosphere and same hydrosphere. There is no better planet than the earth in our vicinity. It might takes 500 years or more to reach any habitable planet outside our solar system. Therefore, earth is our only hope for existence of human being and life in general. Colonizing Mars in near term is a hoax. Mars and moon, the nearest destination devoid of water and oxygen, can only be used as a temporary workstation for refueling, research, and launching of rockets for deep space exploration. It will be like Antarctica. People will go there for exploration and scientific studies but not to spent entire life.

We all have to work together for sustainability of our planet. We must remove all our differences and work for Global sustainability. Climate change is real. Ozone depletion is real. Let us join hands and make earth a better place not just for us but also for coming generation. Small contribution can make a big impact. Start planting trees. Save paper. Do not waste water and electricity. Before wasting foodstuff, please think about millions of starving children dying because of lack of food and malnutrition. It is better to eat less than to waste food. Find NGO’s and poor peoples around you who can take your left over food. When you make a charity, make sure your money is going to right place. Many NGO’s and NPO’s spent more on themselves than on the cause. Just donating is not enough. Make sure to donate at right place.

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