How to make life happy by having right attitude towards life.


Life is all that we have. Once we are dead, we immediately changed from human being to a dead-body ready to be buried or burned. Before being alive, we were star-dust. Then become sperm and ovum. When sperm combined with ovum, called fertilization, we come into existence. Before life and after life we were nothing but dead matter.

It is so exciting that we are alive and we have power of thinking, contemplating, reasoning and being happy.  Yes, we all have power of being happy inside us. However, we keep searching happiness outside and most often become sad when we fail to found it. Outside happiness depends on others. Do not waste time in finding happiness outside. Internal happiness depends on you. You are in charge of your own happiness. By changing your life style, behavior and thinking you can keep yourself happy. Always cherish good memories. Think about the happiest moment of your life when you feel sad. Keep record of you joyful memories. Write them down and read them when you feel life sucks.

Instead of asking question “why this happened to me”, ask question “how I can change that situation or how can I come out of this situation”. Asking right questions yield right answers. Asking wrong question increase your sorrow and anxiety. Most often, we keep asking wrong questions. When we do not get right answers, we keep cursing our life. Wrong questions can ruin your life. Always avoid them. Your mind is more powerful than you think. It can always generate great ideas if you ask right questions.

Share your happiness with everyone. As happiness increases with sharing. Share your sorrow with a few very close people. No one like people who keep talking about sad things. Be joyful to win more friends. Good friends are assets. Help others. It will give you happiness and satisfaction. Focus on creative enjoyment and avoid destructive enjoyment. Destructive enjoyments are those, which gives you, fake instant happiness but in long-term destroy your body and relationships. You were no longer able to enjoy life. Some examples are substance abuse, smoking, excessive drinking and adultery. Creative enjoyment are sports (except extreme sports), social parties, exercising, talking to loved once, love-making with your spouse, helping other, painting, dancing, listening music, watching comedy and motivational video, gardening, perusing your hobbies etc. Creative enjoyment enhance your health and with healthy body, you can enjoy life for longer time.

Death is inevitable. Yet, we have strange attitude towards death. We do not want to talk about it as if talking will cause us to die. However, death does not work this way. Fearing or trying to running away by not talking about it will not help. Be prepared for your death. Talk about it with your spouse and adult children. Tell them you love them. Tell them, what you expect them to do once you are gone. Write your will. Save some money for your family. In case, you die in an accident your family should be financially secure. If you are living abroad with your family, always keep some money in your bank account and teach your wife how to withdraw money from ATM. Give her ATM pin and phone nos. of most reliable persons who can help her in returning to her Nation.

Spread love, laughter and happiness. Be a source of happiness rather than seeker of happiness. Learn to laugh on yourself and no on will be able to make you feel embarrass.

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