Why Sex is a taboo in the land of Kama Sutra?


There are several schools in India, where teachers are protesting against teaching Sex education forget about teaching reproduction. They skip whole chapter on reproduction as if it is something sinful or shameful. I wonder how India became world second largest populated country if peoples are so shy talking about sex. We Indian have truncated ideology. We pretend to be like epitome of culture, but from inside we are just human craving for sex. Talking about sex is like a crime in family. There are cases where even after five years of marriage husband and wife are shy about sex, but somehow they manage to have babies every year. It might be because wife is shy talking about condoms and other family planning means and man is least bother about family planning. Only few lucky women might disagree. Khushwant Singh rightly observed “Indian man have more sex in their mind than in their groin”.

Those who are against sex education must understand that sex education is not about sex, it is about our own nature and our body. Teenagers have lot of questions and doubts about changes that occur in their body as they reached puberty. If we will not provide proper guidance they might be misled by some ignorant peoples. Sex education provides them basic, accurate information about the risks of teen sexual activity and about ways to avoid intercourse or to use methods of protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. It also Include activities that address social pressures that influence sexual behaviour. All in all, it makes them responsible and aware about their sexual behaviour.

India is one of the biggest consumers of pornography. Indians wrote oldest guide on practical sexual intercourse known as Kama sutra. However, after thousands of year later, in front of family we pretend like we are saint. If during TV ad. break, there is an ad of condom or even sanitary pad, members of same family start sweating and immediately change the channel. Everyone knows everything but everyone pretend to know nothing. This is how they respect elders. Indeed, true respect means you must be same inside home and outside home, in front of elders and in absence of elders else you are just befooling your family.

When we all know about each other nature, what is wrong in talking openly about sex ? Why sex is such a bad word? Why there is no open discussion about sex education? If teachers are not feeling comfortable, school must hire professional groups to impart sex education. Closing eyes or feeling ashamed will not work. To save our youth from destroying their life a proper educational framework is necessary. Sex education is part of it and must be compulsory in all government and private schools.


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