Ten mistakes new bloggers can avoid:


  • Writing about yourself all the time: Until you are a celebrity or interesting person, avoid giving examples from your life and most importantly do not write about your daily routine. If you have a travel related blog, focus on what you see not on how your day went. No one is interested in knowing about you (heart breaking but true). People are interested in learning about themselves. Always focus on giving something to your readers, which is worthwhile for them. Write about them. Use examples from life of famous and successful persons.
  • Long Posts: Avoid long posts until and unless necessary. You can also divide your post in two parts if necessary. Some readers run away when they saw a very long post. Maximum 750-1000 words post is enough. Above that, it is better to divide it into parts.
  • Short Post with a link to other post: Please avoid it. It is a big turn off to find a link to another website or blog to read the original post. While embedding and connecting your different post is good idea, but leaving a link below heading without any content is not a good idea.
  • Duplicate content: Please avoid copy paste. Even if you took the permission of author, it is not a good idea to re-published whole of the content especially if you want to earn some bugs from your blogs. Learn about SEO (search engine optimization). Google give more preference to original content when someone search for any key word. Your ranking will go down if you keep re-publishing someone else’s content already available on web. In case you do not have permission from author, it is really a bad idea to steal someone’s post. Moreover, in copyright infringement case, you might end up paying heavy penalty or imprisonment.
  • Clarity: Sometimes writers start with one topic, but in the middle, they distracted by other thing and start writing about it in detail leaving the main topic unfinished. Make sure your blog flow like a river. Stick to one point and clarify it.
  • Lack of time: If you just come to WordPress to publish your post and left, then things will not move. Make new followers by reading their blogs and commenting on them. Follow new bloggers. In return, they will check your blogs and if they find your blogs interesting, they might follow you as well. More follower’s means more views. Hence, spent some time on WordPress.
  • Feeling upset by less views or followers: If you want to become a successful blogger, patience is must. Initially, things will be difficult but keep posting good and useful articles. It will take 3 to 6 month before you see the result. Focus on getting more followers and unique content.
  • Considering “like” or “views” as proof of Good content: Please do not be judgmental too early. There are a lot of generous bloggers who will hit like without reading your full article. So do not confuse likes with good content. Comments are the only way to know about your content. When people’s actually find your content good, they spent time and energy in commenting on your blog. If your content piss them off, they might write negative comments too. However, you must take them as opportunity for improvement.
  • Blogging for Money: If writing and sharing your ideas is not your hobby, you are in the wrong boat. Only those peoples can make money from blogging who can write for their passion free of cost for long time. Until you do not have thousand followers, you will not be able to make sufficient amount of money.
  • Choosing wrong platform: WordPress is a great platform. However, WordPress.com and WordPress.org both are two different platforms. Most of new bloggers do not know about this difference and choose wrong platform. Check online which one is better for you and join correct WordPress.

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