Part-I: Are we bias towards Our Own Religion?

There are several reasons based on which you can believe in any particular religion. Some of them are the direct source of faith and others are indirect, and there are some which just provide strength to faith when it already exists. Is there any logic or reasoning involved or believers are inclined towards their religion? For example if one believe god exist because Science does not have all the answers to the mysteries of the world, then does it make any one particular religion true or all religion will have equal chance of being true? And if all religion has the equal chance to be true then why one believes in a particular religion instead of any other religion. Why do we make our mind that all other religions are not true even without learning about them? Does the existence of god gives any particular religion right to claim its divinity? Or are we just deluded? Let us check each of religious biases one by one on which religious faith is founded.


  • Birth in particular religion:

Birth in a particular religion is the most common base of following a religion and yet it is the most bias towards the parental religion. It is very rare that we find a person who did intensive research before he found and embrace any particular religion. On the contrary, our parents told us what religion we born in and from the childhood we are labeled with that religion. They start embedding religious values, virtues and practices and fear of god in our subconscious mind. When we grow up, we start looking towards the world through colored glasses of faith that are permanently fixed on our eyes. Our brain accepts no logic against our religion, but if exactly same thing we found in other religion, we criticize it unknowingly. We accept all illogical and inhumane practice of our religion as sacred, moral, unquestionable and without any doubt as embedded by our society and family. Even without reading our scripture we believe everything written in it is true and good, based on our blind faith. We are so over confident and deluded that we neither feel any need to read our scriptures nor we check out what is written in others scripture.

We all are victims of bad parenting and so were they, and so will be our future generations if we will not abolish bigotry. It is something for which we should criticize parents, and we must learn from them and should not repeat same mistake with our children.  There is no point in bombarding kids with religiosity before they developed critical thinking. Let them flourish first. Let them grow and go to school. Let them learn different views and then slowly you can tell them one’s religious views without forcing anything on them. Tell them, some believe that god exists some don’t and there are some other who are in doubt as they can’t disprove the existence of god. Let them grow to an age of maturity and let them decide what they feel more logical and rational. We should be there in case they need some help or if they reach to some inhuman, illogical conclusions. That will be more sensible parenting, rather than imposing your views without knowing yourself why you believed and follow them!

Leaving aside the question whether or not blind faith or just faith is the right way to follow religion, the very first question which must strike in every one’s mind is this- “Does my birth in this particular religion makes it true? Is it not a wishful thinking? Does God approve this plan? Should not I make an enquiry of available scriptures, in the light of Science, claimed to be written or inspired by god himself? Am I deluded like billions other who feel their religion is true because their parents say so or because they born in that particular religion?

It is possible that you are the lucky one (one out of thousand) who born in a true faith by chance, which is very improbable, but more chances are that you are not the lucky one! Therefore, the best way to judge whether you are born in the right religion or not, is by reading of your scriptures with full understanding and educating yourself scientifically. It will enhance your belief even if you are the lucky one and if you are not, you will be able to live life more realistically. 

To be continue…   

7 things that can improve your personality:

Below are some easy and practical ways to improve your personality:

  • Walk faster: Those peoples who do not know what they want to do or where they want to go, walk slower. However, when you have clarity in your mind and you know your destination-you walk faster. Therefore, to improve your personality and to make a better image in others mind walk faster. Slow walkers are perceived as lazy and without any goals.
  • Keep smiling: Peoples like to interact with those peoples who keep smiling. Smiling also has a psychological impact on you. If you are nervous or tense, try to smile. All your nervousness and tension will go away. If you don’t know how to smile, just sit with you back straight and your chest out. Now stretch your lips –you are already smiling. If that does not work for you, think of some happy moments from your past, it will surely makes you smile.
  • Dress to impress: Though, most of us have decent dressing sense, however, some don’t. Many peoples want to wear whatever pleases them. This is not a good idea especially if your taste in clothing is not good. When I was unmarried, I use to go shopping with my elder brother because his choice in fabric is better than my. After my marriage, my wife is in charge of my dressing. Knowing your strength and weakness is very important. Different peoples are expert in different field. It is not necessary or even possible, to be expert in every field. Hence, if you are like me- having difficulty in selecting what suits best to you, take help of others. Second most important thing is to dress as per occasion. It is not a good idea that you wear what is most comfortable or your favourite everywhere. Dress as per occasion. In a formal occasion dress formally. Small things can create big impact. A properly selected tie can enhance your personality. Please do not wear matching tie with shirt.
  • Be punctual: If you are always late, whether it is work or relationship, no one will take you seriously. Being punctual is very important to create positive impact of your personality. We all wants to reach on time but only few actually reached on time. If you want to reach on time, stop thinking what time you have to reach and start thinking what time you have to start from your location to reach on time taking into consideration of traffic. Add few extra minutes and then fix you time of departure. With this approach you will reach on time. One more way to reach on time is by keeping your watch ten minutes faster.
  • Confidence: Without having confidence, nothing else can improve your personality. To develop your confidence, first pin point your weaknesses and then work on eliminating them.
  • Physical Appearance: Take Good care of yourself. In some countries, good looking peoples earn more than others. It is not about things you cannot change like your height or colour. However, it is about maintaining you and keeping yourself in good shape. It is about being healthy and fit. More importantly, if you are healthy you will be more active and more productive. You will be less prone of diseases and achieve more.
  • Sense of humour: Sense of humour does not mean to start cracking jokes on others. It will not improve your personality this way.  Everyone does not have sense of humour and most of the peoples don’t even know that they are lacking sense of humour. First you must learn to laugh over yourself. Start appreciating others. Be polite and talk about those funny things which do not offend other. For that, you must first ensure what kind of person you are talking with. You can always start conversation by talking about weather as it keeps changing regularly.

A Journey to the Land of Bliss…

Please read till the end to find meaning of the post.

Once upon a time, there was a nomad tribe. Their leader had a book of guidance and a map to reach the ultimate place of bounty, pleasure and tranquility. On his deathbed, tribal leader gave book of guidance to his son and commanded him to live by the code of book and follow the right part as shown in the book and continue journey towered place of ultimate bliss! After the Leader of tribe died, his son become new leader. He buried his father and after few days of mourning, he continues the journey towards unknown and unseen world.

New leader also had an 18 years old son; he himself was 50 years old. There were around 200 more people flowing them. While travelling, they stop at some location for few weeks and perform different types of juggling and magic acts to earn living and then again move on in search of Place of Bliss!

Twenty years passed, they cover 90% of the journey, the new leader on his deathbed instructed his son same thing which his father instructed him. On that Rex-the son of new leader asked politely “ Father I will surely follow your instruction, but my loving father just tell me if we have any proof or evidence that the book we are following and the path which we are traversing is correct?” On his question father get angry and shouted on the son “Since the time of our forefather we are following this book, do you think they were wrong? Only you are intelligent.  He continued, “This is a true book wherein there is nothing wrong written. We must take all peoples to that place of eternal bliss.” Son replied, “Father I believe you, please do not be angry. I promise you that I will go to that place.

After death of his father, Rex continued journey towards blessed place. He was ambitious and in hurry to reach there. Without taking any stopover, moved day and night. Few people leave him, but he was confident about his destination. On the way, some people stopped him and asked where he is going. He told them and asked them to come with him. However, those people laughed and told him there is no such place in the vicinity. Determined, Rex continued his journey.

Finally, he reached near to the destination. The same location as shown in map as blessed place. In his joy and delight, he started running towards it. There was a cliff and it was not possible to see beyond it. While running, he started dreaming about blessed place. Book mentioned it as most beautiful and wonderful place where no one will die or become old. Everything will be in abundance. There will not be any suffering and….

All of a sudden, he realized that there is no ground below his feel! He tried to make balance but it was too late. He was falling in the deep valley. He shouted-Save me! However, there was no one to save him. Many of those who follow him blindly also fell down with him. It was a very deep valley. While falling down he was cursing his father and that out dated book, which his ancestors were following. He was too late to realize all this. He though if he would have given heed to those passerby who told him not to follow this path he might not be in this condition. All his hard work go in vain. He saw pointed rocky ground beneath. He struck the ground, his body divided in to pieces, and he died.

This is a fake story. However, it contain a very important and powerful message. That message is:

Do not follow even your Parents Blindly. They can be wrong! At the end, you receive what you believe. You have time until your death to find and follow true path. Choose wisely not blindly!  

Thousands of Indians De-activated Facebook for One day in protest for #India against Rape

Through various protest and candle march across the Nation, Indians proved once again their unity against Rape. It is no more about just Aasifa, Peoples of India are demanding safety for girls and justice for rape victim across India irrespective of their caste and religion. In yet another kind of protest, thousands of Indian mostly from New Delhi, NCR and UP and some other parts of India De-activated their Facebook profile mentioning #India against Rape as the reason for deactivation of Facebook on 23th April 2018 for one day.

On one side, peoples are protesting and on other side, one more rape of a minor reported. Four person kidnaps a 13 years old girl and gang rape her in a Temple. I do not want to color this news in religion because I think no religion allow such heinous and monstrous act. Only sick-minded people can do such things. Fight for justice is going to be long and we need to find new ways of peaceful protest.

In digital era, this is a new kind of digital protest, where peoples De-activated the Facebook and utilize their time to trend #India against Rape on Twitter. One more time Indians demonstrate that humanity is above religion. Politicians are trying hard to divide Indians into religions but we will remain united.

Alien Abduction- Story of a Female World (Episode-5)

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I was ready for surprise attack, as we reached near guards, Jubisco jumped on them like the Superman, and he was flying parallel to the ground. In a split second, I make a somersault and kicked a guard looking like Kate and snatch her gun. I started shooting and use one dead body to cover up myself, all my frustration, converted into anger. Everything happened so fast that I didn’t have clear memory. When Nandani stopped me, there were more than a dozen guards dead bodies and robots parts lying on the ground.

We entered the air base, hiding behind the building structure we manage to reach up to an aircraft – looking like a chopper. Jubisco was moving towards their base office, before I asked him he stopped and said I aircraft no, I want pilot , read mind. In last two years, Jubisco learned our language by reading Nandani mind. However, he was not expert in speaking. He wanted to capture a pilot to read his mind as he does not know to fly chopper. He knew only to fly space ship in which he was abducted. I told him that I will go inside because he is very big and will be easily seen, He should wait with nandani and I will kidnapped a pilot. Nandani was angry on my decision. First time I saw love for me in her eyes. I hugged him I promise to her to come back safely. I remind my promise to take her home safely. She has tears in her eyes. I kissed her on her forehead and wiped her tears. Jubisco was focussing on something and when I started moving towards base office, he pointed his finger in other direction. Go… and take right. Toilet pilot. It took me few minutes to solve his puzzle while moving in his pointed direction. As I entered inside the building, there was a corridor. I entered the corridor and as I move further, I saw a door. I try to push open the door but it was locked from inside. Someone shouted from inside in Radian language. I quietly wait outside. As door was open I hit her hard. She fell on ground unconscious. She was heavy, I dragged her in corridor. I was thinking how I will take her to the chopper. As I opened the door, Jubisco was standing outside and two guards were lying on the floor. Before I asked him about Nandini, he said “She is safe”.

Chopper was little small for Jubisco, but he manage to fit inside. He wakes up the pilot to read his mind. I was holding her hand behind her back. Nandini was on front seat helping Jubisco as co-pilot. As jubisco started the chopper, I saw many Radians guards running towards our Chopper. I shouted, Let’s go, take it up! Chopper blades were still not moving with full speed to create full lift to raise the Chopper up. Radians were coming nearer and nearer…

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How to set a Goal or Objective?

Sometimes you write your heart out, yet you didn’t find overwhelming response. On other time, you write a simple post about any topic and it becomes instant hit. It is really difficult to figure out what people’s will like and what not! My primary intention is to inspire peoples to do worthwhile things. Our life is full of choices. Right choice takes us forward and wrong choices, makes our life miserable. To move forward we need to make right choices, which we can only make when we have a goal in our life. Goals or objectives must be SMART. Here, SMART is acronym for

S= Specific




T=Time bound

Therefore, our goals should be aligning with above parameters. Suppose your goal statement is “I want to be rich”. With this goal you will not be able to achieve anything. This goal statement is neither time bound nor specific. Our goal statement must full fill all the above criteria to be SMART. SMART objective will be something like this: I want to be a millionaire within 2 years. If your goal is not time bound, you will never have urgency to attain. You will keep postponing it. If your goal is not measurable, then you will never know whether you attain your goal or not? If you make an unrealistic or unattainable goal, then you will just waste time and money. For example, if your goal is to create a Robot smarter than humans in 2 days. Since time period is too less compared to the amount the work, it is an unrealistic goal which you set without any proper investigation.

There are a lot of students too reading this blog; it will not be fair to end this post without considering one example of goal setting for them. However, before setting goals, you must evaluate your strength and weakness and your resources. For example, there is a student who gain 45% marks this year and he makes below goal statement for him:

“I want to be the topper in class.”

This is not a goal, this can be termed as wishful thinking. This goal is neither “Specific” not “Realistic”. Though, nothing is impossible but there are practical limits of improvement. There are only 24 hours in a day. You cannot change this fact. Therefore, more realistic and specific goal will be:

I want to achieve 75% marks in each subject in next exams.

Now, this is a SMART objective which you can achieve through hard work and dedication.

After setting a goal, next most important thing is how to achieve it? If you have a big goal, like one year or ten-year goal, first break it into small goals. To achieve 75% marks in final exam, you have to do well in each semester and class test. Therefore, set monthly targets for achieving your goals. Keep higher targets for the beginning as you cannot change your past later on and future is unpredictable. Initial advantage will help you achieve your goal even if in future you might face some problem.   

Morals: Objective or Relative?


Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius believed that the purpose of life is not pleasure, but equanimity, which means the ability to live with reason and self-control in any situation.

Will you agree if i say, “There is nothing good or bad. It is our thinking that makes it so.”. However, the preceding statement is nothing but truth. In this post I will try to prove it  by different examples. You can argue, we may not have the sense of all exhaustive moral values but indeed we do know what is worst and what is best in terms of morality. My answer will be “not always”. As long as we will not fix a reference point, it is difficult to define anything good or bad. As soon as you fix a reference point for morality, it becomes relative! A relative morality is based on our thinking.

What more shameful, awful and evil you can think off than gang rape and torture and finally brutal murder of an eight year old girl, named Aasifa! Even after such a heinous crime, there were people trying to safe rapist. How it could be possible if Morals are absolute or objective? How any human can support such criminal if morals are absolute? Absolute morality is an illusion . Morals are relative. Normally, we consider humanity as our common reference point for morality; therefore, being human makes us feel that morals are objective. However, sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. People who do not draw morality from human reference point and believe in religious morality as superior are killing human being for eating beef (Cow meat). If you are not a politically motivated Hindu so called Cow-Protector, will you do that? Will your family allow you to involve in such act? Will any human being support such inhuman act?

Consider one more example, we all agree killing a human being is wrong and immoral, but during war soldier’s kill each other and their Nation awards them with medals of bravery. Thus, good and evil are relative terms. While for religious people’s it is religion which dictates definition of good and bad, for non-religious peoples it should be humanity. Some Hindu’s can drink cow’s urine because it is sacred for him! Can you do the same? We live in a changing world, and we have evolved consciousness. We are not the same intellectuals as existed thousands of years ago. Now, you can’t confine women to homes and tell them your only role is to produce babies and please your husband .Human slavery is abolished. Only now we understand that child labour is bad. Children should be educated before sending for work. Above examples shows that morality is changing with time. Anything that change with time can not be absolute.

If morality is objective or absolute, our moral values should remain same even today as they were in past. If slavery was  moral, thousand years ago, how it becomes bad now? This shows that morals are relative. One more example of morals being relative is different religion and their different rules about social life. In religions, God dictates morality. Wish of God and his commandment becomes highest moral ground. Different religion has different god and hence different moral standards. This definitely proves that morals are relative.

Alien Abduction- Story of a Female World Episode-4


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We entered in a building looking like prison. Kate talk in her language with some officers and they hand over me to a Robot looking somewhat similar to Oreo. Oreo-1 took me through a corridor. On both sides of corridors, there were lockup with small window. Different kind of animals was looking from the small window. They locked me to a prison and left. I look out of my small window and could not believe my eyes. There was a barrack in front of me and two beautiful eyes were looking at me. She was a girl. She asked me Are you Indian? At that moment, many things were running in my mind, I ignored her question and asked her “How long since you are here?” two years, she replied.

What! I said shockingly and continued, “ they told me they would send me to earth very soon after conducting experiments on me.” And you believed them, she responded angrily. I said, “Do I had a choice, I do not know what they will do with me, moreover, if I go against them, they will surely kill me. Did you try to escape from here? I asked next question. Yes, we tried to escape. We were three persons abducted together around two years back. They captured me shortly after we tried to escape, injured one, and killed the third. They tortured two of us for more than a month. Raj, the one who was injured died and since then I am here like an experiment mouse. Every week they took me out for experiments and then throw me here. I want death, but death also forgets me. I tried to console her “Hay do not give up, I will take you out from here. What is your name? She replied in sobbing voice “ Nandini Sharma”.  I am Ahmer Khan, from USA, I introduced myself to her.

A guard interrupted us, don’t talk, and sit inside. We moved inside our cell. After 15mins I call her name in low voice, Nandini, are you there? No I left to Earth, came the reply. In last two years she went through so much suffering and loneliness that now she was not afraid of anything. She accepted her fate. After meeting with me she seems little relaxed. I call her near the window to talk as no guard was around. So tell me more about this place, I inquired. Nandani Said, “This is a military base, here they do all the confidential business. Attached with it is air base, if we can reach there we can run from here. Do you know flying aircraft, she asked me. I said, No, especially Aliens aircraft, not at all. I know one pilot here, he is from another planet. His name is Jubisco, Informed Nandani. How we will communicate with him? I asked curiously. Nandani explained to me that Jubisco knows telepathy, and he might be listening to our though at this moment. Every week, they took some of us for testing and check-ups, we have to wait till we both go together. By telepathy we will inform Jubisco our plan and no wall or metal can hold Jubisco. He is from the planet which has 5 times more gravity then Radon. However, he alone cannot escape as he needs a co-pilot to fly Radians spaceship. It was a dangerous plan, but we were ready to take our chances even if death is waiting for us on next door. After meeting with Nandani I was sure, Radians will never send me to earth again, If I will not try to escape I will die here. Fear never stopped me from doing anything, but I wanted to take Nandani safely. She was beautiful. Her wide lovely eyes pierce deep in my heart and I decided to spend my rest of life with her, weather on earth or on Radon. It was love at first sight. She was beauty with brain.

Three weeks went, but unfortunately we never had a chance to go together. Physically, I had many problems but mentally I was flying around in love. I and Nandani became good friends, we keep talking for hours. We forget our pain in each other’s company. First time in my life i realise beauty of love. Its magical.

Finally, that day came when our wish comes true. We both were taken together for our testing. All hopes were on Jubisco. Nandani and I look towards his face and he moved his face in affirmation. As we reached near guard on the gate, I attached on one guard and took his weapon, which looks like a gun and fire on another guard. In the meantime, Nandani took the key and open the door of  Jubisco cell. Jubisco broke his hand cuffs and came out. One guard caught me from back and my gun fell far away. Jubisco came near me and he broke skull of Robo-guard . Two more guard came running towards us, Jubisco catch them with neck and colliede their heads together. I shouted, Nandani ,Which way to go. Come with me this side, said Nandani. We all start running towards air base. Jubisco was seven feet high muscular male. However, due to low gravity, he was able to make long jumps. As we reached near to the door of airbase, there were several armed guard and Radians waiting for us. They already knew about our escape. I gave my gun to Nandini and told her to wait for us. Jubisco, cover me behind himself as any bullet cannot harm his thick skin.

To be continued…

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Some Rare Coins…

George V King Emperor one rupee coin year 1917 on right and Edward VII King Emperor one rupee coin year 1906 on left in below image.




From last 20 years, I am keeping these coins with me. It is one of my hobby to collect coins. Their cost varies from few Indian rupees to  several US Dollars. Most collectors already have some of these coins. But sometimes you find a coin so rare that in international market, you can sell it in more than $1000. So, if you have some rare coins first check out its cost online and how rear actually your coin is before selling it to anyone.

Alien Abduction- Story of a Female World (Episode-3)


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I was tired and reached to a level of emotional break down, I wanted to weep and cry loudly. But I control myself. I wanted to prove to them that I am not a danger else they might put me in some confined space or kill me. Kate and Eve ware playing with her daughter and Oreo was standing near me and looking at me. I wanted to run away, but where will I go? This Thought stopped me. Kate told me, it was a night-time and Oreo will show me my room. With tears in my eyes I asked Kate “Will I ever be able to see my planet again?” Kate replied “sure, don’t worry soon you will be sent back, now you go and sleep. You look tired”.

Oreo took me to another room, except entrance door and AC opening, there were no opening in whole room. Surprisingly, room was empty, there were no furniture. I asked Oreo “will I sleep on the floor”. Oreo went in and press some buttons and a folding bed came out of the floor. Similarly more furniture starts unfolding. Within two minutes time, whole room was full of furniture. He asked my hand to check my temperature. He set room temperature accordingly and gave me remote to control temperature. He further told me to remove my mask as long as I am inside the room. Sensors can set oxygen level based on my metabolic rate. 

I was feeling like a mouse in a golden cage. I was so tired or there was something in the air that as I lay down on bed I fell asleep. It was late in the morning, when Oreo came to wake me up. He gave me wet towel to wipe clean myself and showed me washroom. My clothes were dirty and my groin was covered in bandage. There was another towel in bathroom, so I wrap it around my waist after cleaning and relieving myself. I went out in towel as there was no cloth to wear. Radians, as they call themselves used to cover only their abdomen as it has very sensitive skin.

When I came out, Kate was going somewhere. I told her that I am hungry. She replied “we eat roasted insects; if you can eat that you are welcome. Else you can eat energy pills; it will remove your hunger and give you energy for whole day. I settled for pills. Eve gave me pills and informed me to go with Oreo in another room for tests. Oreo took me to another room and asked me to lie down on a machine bench. I was afraid but without any choice. There was no known place to go. I was on their mercy. As I lay down, I start feeling sleepy. When I wake up, my hands had two bandages and my thighs were paining. Oreo gave me some pain killers which reduce my pain. After that he took my psychological tests. When I came out of room, Eve was talking to someone in her language and she points her finger towards me to sit down. She rotated the screen and continues to talk. I can see her eyes getting wet and her voice modulates while talking. As she finished her conversation, I asked her in very polite way about whom she was talking to. Eve took a sigh and start telling her story, “She is my mother, and she doesn’t want to leave her home planet. Only small population is remaining there. They are living in controlled environment. Life is tough there and dangerous for new-born babies. That’s why Kate does not want me to go there with my daughter and I do not want to go without my daughter.” There was a spark in my eyes. I thought she can help me in escaping as she is very emotional and soft-hearted. I told her my story and how I miss my mother and she was able to relate to my story. She promises me to talk to Kate and convince her to send me to Earth earliest possible. It was evening time when Kate came in. She was in a hurry. She went directly to test rooms and viewed my test results. When she came out she was not in good mood. Khan, you will be shifted to other place tomorrow. Now go to your room. While going to my room, I overheard Kate and Eve shouting on each other. As I closed the door, I started feeling sleepy.

Next morning I wake up early. Oreo was already standing inside my room. This time he has some cloth for me. It was a loose garment like a gown. Kate was waiting for me when I came out of my room. “Let’s go, our government want to keep you at safe place” said Kate. Eve was feeling sorry for me. Kate gave me a cloth to cover my face. We ran to elevator. As we reached to the ground, her car was parked very near to the door of elevator. We sit inside. Kate put car in flying mode and it became a helicopter. Within short time, we reached to some government building. As I enter inside with Kate I saw heavy security all around. I asked Kate what is this place? But she remains silent. Building looks like a prison. I knew my life is in danger but there was no way to escape.

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