Three Habits which we must remove from our life:

1)Not accepting our mistakes :

To err is human.

We all make mistakes. However, some acknowledge their mistakes publically, some privately, some in their mind and some are adamant at not accepting it. Those who do not accept their mistakes think that they are right and has done great work because they are not guilty of their mistakes anymore. They are clean. Nevertheless, they fail to realize that without accepting their mistakes internally or externally they miss the golden chance to improve themselves. To accept your mistake is first step to rectify it. Moreover, they lose trust of many friends who knew back in their mind that you were guilty but because there were no evidence to prove it, you escaped.

We mostly learn from our mistakes or from other’s mistakes. Many inventions are result of accidents by mistakes like vulcanized rubber, which was formed when Sulphur was accidentally fall in rubber manufacturing apparatus. There are several such example of inventions and discoveries by mistakes. Going back to original post, it is better for your growth and development to accept your mistakes and learn from them. Do not feel too much guilty about them, as it is human nature. Forgive yourself and move forward with lesson learnt. Long back I read a quotation “Anyone can make a mistake but fool insist on repeating it”. Don’t be a fool. Do not keep repeating your mistakes. Learn and improve yourself.

2) Expectation: We expect all sort of things from people around us. When those expectations are not fulfilled, we become sad. Do not give remote control of your happiness to others. Focus on yourself, focus on things in your control. When you help someone, help him or her for your own peace of mind not for some return. When you do not expect and you find help from someone it feels like a reward. On the contrary, when you expect and not get the desired outcome you become sad. Therefore, expecting anything from any one is not a good idea and must be avoided.

3) Procrastination: Delaying any activity drains your energy. Things will cling in your mind until you do not finish your work. Stop procrastination. Time is most precious thing in the world because we cannot buy it back. Do not waste time waiting for perfection. Ideas executed imperfectly are far better than ideas never implemented because they were not perfect. There is no right time for good work. Start now. Every time is right time. Make a list of all important and urgent work. Focus on important work, soon you will find there are no urgent work left.

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