How to post regularly

If you are not a full-time blogger, it is very difficult to produce original content daily. But if you will not post regularly, you might not find more followers or worst, you might lose some of your followers. The big question is how to post regularly on daily basis without involving in plagiarism. There is a solution of this problem-free content or common share. Free content means a text or media file which does not have copy right and freely available for sharing. There are many sites which allow you to publish news from their websites to your blog. An easy Google search for key word-“free content” will yield you name of several websites. Now you are free to create your original content and in the meantime keep publishing from free content website and avoid being victim of plagiarism. Make sure to give them credit of content as a goodwill gesture.

One more important thing worth mentioning here is that, copy right does not stop you from quoting text for educational purpose or for giving an example under fair use. But it is better to mention source. However, that does not mean you copy paste whole paragraph or article!  It is always better to take permission from author before quoting from any book. Because criteria of fair use is not very clear. Sometimes even one sentence can cause big controversy. Hence, being original is the best solution.

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