India must focus on STEM for its Future

I am not talking about Stem cells! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Indians are champion in mathematics, thus we have to focus on Science and Technology. We have to create atmosphere of innovation and learning. Education should be made more practical rather than memorizing mare facts and information to pass exams.

A new revolution is required in Education system. In New Delhi, Mr. Manish Sisodia (Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi since February 2015) is doing remarkable work in the field of education. Whole India should follow the same model. Schools must use videos and audio for teaching. Fifth graders must have own laptops. Internet should be compulsory in schools. If any student fail in exam even after attending 90% of classes, Teachers must be hold responsible. Students should be taught about practical use of subject they are learning. More budgets should be allocated for education.

US education policy figure out STEM as most important educational areas where more students and teachers are requires keeping US on top of world.

These four areas hold immense potential in future and present. Only those countries ruled the world who respected talent and invested in innovation and new research. USA is not no.1 because she is rich in natural resources, but because every talented person is welcome in US and they spent billions of dollars on research and development. US, China, Japan are top three countries having maximum nos. of International Patent in 2017. US is world largest economy and China is fastest emerging economy making one to one correlation between nos. of Patent and economic prosperity and growth. India does not make in the list of top ten.

No one will stop you if you keep dreaming to make India super power or at least developed country in next ten years or by 2030. However, it will not change anything. Blaming government too will not change anything. After all we, the citizen of India, choose our own government to destroy our own country. India is a democratic country. Power is in the hand of citizens. We do not need revolution to change government. We just need to vote sensibly. We need to understand that government is for developing country, not for making Temples and Mosque. Religion is a private affair; we can take care for it. Government must do what it is supposed to do i.e. developing and building infrastructure, border security, making and implementing national & International policies, controlling inflation, strengthening law and order, housing for poor’s and subsidy to farmers etc.

India is a young country. When I was 21, I use to think that within ten years India will be developed country. But nothing changed. We are actually moving backward. Unemployment is at highest. People are applying for Peon jobs after doing graduation and post-graduation. Tolerance is at lowest level. Rich are becoming richer and poor farmers are committing suicide. Instead of controlling population, peoples are advocating to produce more children. We can change all this by the power of our vote.

Cast your vote based on past performance of government not on what they are promising for future. Politicians never fulfilled their promises. Do not vote for the party. Vote for right candidate. An honest person, who do not have any previous criminal record and he must be educated. If Election commission or government cannot set the rules for politicians, we have to set our own standards.


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