7 things that can improve your personality:

Below are some easy and practical ways to improve your personality:

  • Walk faster: Those peoples who do not know what they want to do or where they want to go, walk slower. However, when you have clarity in your mind and you know your destination-you walk faster. Therefore, to improve your personality and to make a better image in others mind walk faster. Slow walkers are perceived as lazy and without any goals.
  • Keep smiling: Peoples like to interact with those peoples who keep smiling. Smiling also has a psychological impact on you. If you are nervous or tense, try to smile. All your nervousness and tension will go away. If you don’t know how to smile, just sit with you back straight and your chest out. Now stretch your lips –you are already smiling. If that does not work for you, think of some happy moments from your past, it will surely makes you smile.
  • Dress to impress: Though, most of us have decent dressing sense, however, some don’t. Many peoples want to wear whatever pleases them. This is not a good idea especially if your taste in clothing is not good. When I was unmarried, I use to go shopping with my elder brother because his choice in fabric is better than my. After my marriage, my wife is in charge of my dressing. Knowing your strength and weakness is very important. Different peoples are expert in different field. It is not necessary or even possible, to be expert in every field. Hence, if you are like me- having difficulty in selecting what suits best to you, take help of others. Second most important thing is to dress as per occasion. It is not a good idea that you wear what is most comfortable or your favourite everywhere. Dress as per occasion. In a formal occasion dress formally. Small things can create big impact. A properly selected tie can enhance your personality. Please do not wear matching tie with shirt.
  • Be punctual: If you are always late, whether it is work or relationship, no one will take you seriously. Being punctual is very important to create positive impact of your personality. We all wants to reach on time but only few actually reached on time. If you want to reach on time, stop thinking what time you have to reach and start thinking what time you have to start from your location to reach on time taking into consideration of traffic. Add few extra minutes and then fix you time of departure. With this approach you will reach on time. One more way to reach on time is by keeping your watch ten minutes faster.
  • Confidence: Without having confidence, nothing else can improve your personality. To develop your confidence, first pin point your weaknesses and then work on eliminating them.
  • Physical Appearance: Take Good care of yourself. In some countries, good looking peoples earn more than others. It is not about things you cannot change like your height or colour. However, it is about maintaining you and keeping yourself in good shape. It is about being healthy and fit. More importantly, if you are healthy you will be more active and more productive. You will be less prone of diseases and achieve more.
  • Sense of humour: Sense of humour does not mean to start cracking jokes on others. It will not improve your personality this way.  Everyone does not have sense of humour and most of the peoples don’t even know that they are lacking sense of humour. First you must learn to laugh over yourself. Start appreciating others. Be polite and talk about those funny things which do not offend other. For that, you must first ensure what kind of person you are talking with. You can always start conversation by talking about weather as it keeps changing regularly.

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