Alien Abduction- The Story of A Female World (Episode-2)


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Extreme sports were my hobby. Biking, Tracking, Skydiving and kick boxing were few things I enjoyed in free time. I was an Alpha male, that’s why they might choose me. I was 25 and yet bachelor with Electronics and communication Engineering degree. I was a kind of person who does not believe in marriages partially because of my parents whom I always saw fighting on small issues. My Father was an Indian American and my mother was an American. My Grandfather came to USA when my father was 15 years old. Soon he brings whole family to USA. He was a chef in a famous hotel. My Father was the eldest son and after finishing his education he start working as Micro-Biologist in a private company. He was an Indian Muslim married to a Catholic Christian. Due to this reason, my Grandfather disowned him and returned to India. My Grandfather was afraid that his other 4 children might follow the foot step of my Father.

I am the only son of my parents, but my parents were busy in their work. My mother was a social activist and war reporter working with Reuters. She loved me a lot but never has time for me. Our maid jenny takes care for me in absence of my Parents. My Father wanted my mother to be a house wife but she was not born to be captured. She never gave importance to his advice.  

I was busy in myself when Kate asked me something which I was not able to understand. Pardon, I said. She replied “What is your name?” I said Khan, My name is Khan. There was no necessity or reason to tell her my full name as i was the only Khan on this planet. I realise that I am far away from my world in a hostile planet and should be careful. My mind start awakening. I was constantly thinking how to escape but there was no where to run. After 10 min. drive we reached near a building hardly two story high. I asked her, no skyscraper? Instead of replying she pressed some button of elevator and she pointed towards the button and asked me “ do you know what is written on this button”. I said, No. On that she informed me, it is 150 in your language. I live on 150th basement and there are total 230 basements below ground floor. I was looking at her with surprise, and then I inquired, why you live underground? Is it not difficult to manage ventilation? Kate informs me that their Sun radiates more harmful radiation.100 years ago, they shifted to this planet as their original planet lost atmosphere. However, since this planet is near to sun, it receives more radiation and more energy. Kate further told me that their sun is in last stage unlike our sun which is in middle age. In a million year it will start expending and engulf the planet. Kate continues, that is why we are searching for new planets for life. Your earth has more nitrogen in atmosphere, which is harmful to our body and it is and too far away, which is not good for us. Hence, we need to find another planet near to us. As lift stopped, we come out in a big hall, brighter than day light. It was like an entire city. There were escalators to move around from lift to each door and beyond.

Kate already informed Eve about me, she was reluctant to keep me in her home, but when Kate convinces her that I not dangerous, she agrees to keep me in her home. 

They were evolved from reptiles, as we were believed to be evolved from chimps. Similar to chameleon, they have ability for changing skin colour. They also had a tale, which they use as a third hand. Their hands and legs were shorter than humans; still they can stand upright on two feet and can also crawl on the walls if required.

As they were evolved from reptiles, they do not have enlarged breast like human female for feeding milk to their babies. They were researching on me and I was researching on them.  

While in the home, I saw their baby, it was cute and adorable. One more member was there in the house, which later I come to know was a Robot. His name was Oreopendalomena-S16, but I call him Oreo. These peoples already created SAI- the super artificial Intelligence. For security reasons, SAI was not connected to their internet. Oreo has job specific AI installed and it was programmed for household works and for taking care of babies. Kate installed new program in Oreo to understand my language and to keep eye on me. After that she removed my hand cuffs. I was feeling thirsty, so I requested for water. Oreo bring for me water. Kate told me that water is not available in abundance and I have to  recycle water. She further told me that she do not need much water. They can survive for several days without food or water. Eve was not happy to see me, and she starts whispering in Kate ear, Kate denied whatever Eve said to her saying “he is not dangerous and Oreo will keep an eye on him”. She continued “After few days we will shift him to another facility. Till then I need to study his behaviour and submit my report.”

I was missing my family and earth. I never felt that way when I was on Earth. We never think beyond our cities and countries. Now sitting on another planet makes me think about my own planet, humanity and our fate as an intelligent species. Though, their population is less but they are far advance from us.

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What is Life?

What is life? Sometimes this question raise in our mind. Is a rock alive? How about flowing water or gushing wind? Why we can’t say machines are alive when they can work and move around? How about trees? So what are the traits we saw in something to call it alive? There are peoples who believe that everything is alive. Can we believe that? Let us find out traits of life using mind storming and available information.

It may not be necessary for a being to be intelligent or able to move for being alive. Computers and even smart phones are becoming artificially intelligent; however, we don’t call them alive. Nor do we call any car or robot alive even though they can move all around. They are not alive. What is it that a living being can do but a rock or a car or a robot can’t do? There must be some unique traits of living being which machines and matter or any other non-living thing unable to exhibit. Eating, drinking, sleeping, moving, speaking and listening all are considered as traits of life by Biologist. However, many of such traits can be found in non-living matter or in some machine. In broader perspective, the two most important traits of living being are as follows:

  • Ability of reproduction
  • Ability to grow and accumulate things needed for survival in at least one medium like air, water, ice or soil etc.

Without any doubt, animals including human are alive and fulfill both conditions. Plants too are alive as they too grow and reproduce. Machines, flowing water, computers, cars and wind do not reproduce so they are not alive. You do not have to think much to realize that rocks are dead.

Let us go to smaller level. Unicellular organisms are also alive. Virus is a tough choice. Virus are special in that they behave as living when they are inside the body of another organism. Moreover, when they are out-of-body they became dead. Both traits of life are not found in them when they are outside of body of another organism. Therefore, they are at the boundary of living and non-living things.

Let us go to next smaller level to DNA. All living being has DNA. DNA carries instruction of growth and reproduction. Therefore, we can modify our definition of living being as follows will reduce traits of life from two to one.

Anything that has a DNA is alive.

Does DNA itself is alive is a big question. Since we cannot define word by word itself, we have to go back to our primary traits of life. If DNA can reproduce and if it can grow by itself than DNA is alive else, it is a nonliving code of chemical compound, which makes every other thing alive when suitably fitted with DNA. DNA does not full fill second condition of life i.e. growth.

We can define DNA as “chemically active replicating biological compound” rather than a living being. As a computer chip can store information and give instruction for motion to machine but we do not call it alive. In same way, DNA is not a living being. Even though I personally like them to qualify definition of life but sadly at this point they are out of living world.


Alien Abduction- A Story of the Female World ( Episode-1)

There are trillions and trillions of stars in our universe. Around those stars revolves planets like planets in our solar system. Scientist believes that there are many earth like planets in our universe far away from us. We cannot even imagine what kind of life might be flourishing there. This story is of a planet very far away from us and life originated on this planet in slightly different way. Fifteen years back an Alien ship abducted me and took me to different world through worm hole for experimentation. On this planet, transformation from asexual reproduction to sexual reproduction never happened. Thus, even the most intelligent species too, equivalent to human on earth,  only have all-female population. Parthenogenesis -a form of asexual reproduction is the only way for reproduction here and thus only females are found on whole planet. To simplify things, I will tell you the story in earthly manner.  

Compare to earth, their civilisation is 100 years advance. Kate, an astronaut, was the non-breeding partner who lived with Eve, her breeding partner. They have one daughter Alice. Kate and Eva were together from last 5 years but only two-year back they committed to live together and had a baby.  Though both are female and identical, but still emotionally very  different. Some peoples like to breed and some don’t. Those who breed play a wife role taking care of house and other things. Since all are females, no fear of rape and sex abuse. Every one is working. However, other crimes are similar to earth. Kate was an astronaut, who first discovered earth and their government was interested in understanding human anatomy because they never knew about males. Through radio waves coming through earth they learn our language and culture. However they didn’t find anything special and humans were no danger for them so they didn’t contacted with earth.

One day I was abducted by Aliens and they made me unconscious by spraying some chemical on my face. When I wake up, I feel weak and tired. My hands were cuffed and I was inside a machine. My groin is paining and stitch but I was unable to move my head. As they notice I wake up, they took me out of machine and greet me. I was scared and I feel difficulty in breathing. They gave me a mask to breath. Mask was fitted with microphone to speak and listen. Their faces were horrible like Mystique of X-man. They start talking to me in my language using some micro instrument. Only Kate was talking without instrument, she learned our language in 3 years trip from earth to their planet called Radon . They calm me down and told me that they are friend and just want to study my anatomy and behaviour. After that they will send me home. They also told me that half of the work they already finished. Now they want to study me behaviour. For that they will keep me in Kate home as she is the one knew most about earth culture and our language. Furthermore, they said to me to co-operate as that is the only way to return. Understanding the situation I agree.  They gave me some injection which makes me feel energetic and lively. An elevator took us to underground parking connected to vacuum tunnels. It is something like hyper-loop. The only difference was, cars itself were designed to travel in the tube instead of separate compartment travelling inside the loop.I was scared, sad, worried and tired. My hands were still cuffed. I was wondering how they differentiate each other when all are identical. Car window was opaque from outside but transparent from inside. To my surprise there were no high-rise buildings.

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Respect Women as an Individual

We all love our mother. There is hardly any exception in that sentence. A mother is a women who gives birth to us putting her life in danger. A mother has nine month extra relationship with baby than a father or any other member of family. She is the one who sacrifices her carrier, her ambitions and even her whole life for her children. In all religions and philosophies a women is respected as a mother.

There is something wrong in our societies. We can respect women as a mother, sister and daughter however, when the same women want respect and equality as an individual, we have problem. Many women too are not feminist for various social and religious reasons. Peoples have views and arguments proving women are physically weak or even further, women are mentally inferior to man. Even if for the sake of argument I accept this bullshit, it does not make women, less human. Women are not from Mars. Why it is so difficult for some man to understand that women are HUMAN being. Even though man and women have different physical appearance and brain structure but they are not inferior to man or superior to man. Women brain is more closely packed and thus has smaller size than man’s brain but that does not mean women are less intelligent. In some activities women’s are far better than man. we all human are equal and we must have equal rights and equal freedom to live, to pursue our goals and to grow.

I personally believe that, we must stop comparison. Comparison is causing much harm. Fruits are fruits. What is the point in comparing an apple to a banana? Both have their own quality, taste, nutrition value and appearance. Similarly, man and women both are human and both must be treated equally. They may excel in different areas or in many cases in same areas. They both have different qualities, appearance and serve different purposes in society. We should try to enhance their individual strengths.

In some cases, man can be weaker than women. Does that mean all those man are inferior to women and women are entitled to treat them badly?

One of the problem with the feminist movement is that, as always, it is the brain child of males. Why women can’t think for themselves? In Muslim countries man wants women to wear veils or hijab and cover whole body even eyes in some cases, so women are doing it, without even reading their scriptures! Why rules for men are not implemented the same way as for women? Why women do not raise their voice on this issue? In western countries man want women to wear short and revealing sexy outfits, so women are wearing it and believe that they are free and liberals. How two opposite ideologies can be correct at the same time? Either all women must be comfortable in covering themselves or in uncovering themselves. Why there is no consensus? Why women want to be puppet in the hand of man?

Think for yourself. Slavery is abolished but it seems not for women! Do not let peer pressure and males voices to dictate what is right and what is wrong for you. Think about yourself for yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world. Take your carrier more seriously.

Women must raise their voice, to tell the world what they want and what is good for them.

Every human being is different from other, some are strong, some are weak, some are more intelligent and some are less intelligent but that does not change anything. We breathe same air, live on same earth and drink the same water. When nature does not makes any difference, why do we? Nature hates disparity. Let us stop hating each other and make a beautiful and peaceful world where every human being is equal irrespective of caste, color, gender and religion. This can only be possible when we start respecting each other and change our old ways of thinking. When someone tells you women are sex object, think about your mother, daughter or sister. Are they sex objects? Every women is a daughter of someone, she deserve same respect that your gives to your mother or sister.

I dedicate this blog to all women in world!

This post is outcome of below post which is written about Book “Fraud of feminism” on anti-feminism  by E Belfort Bax written in 1913.


You can read full post here, where the blogger gave detail from the book.

Below are some parts of Book from same blog which pissed me off.

In it he argues that the claims of feminism are unfounded and are buttressed by fallacy upon fallacy. He argues women are  physically, intellectually and morally inferior to men. I am going ahead of myself.

Bax says feminism consists of the assertion of equality in intellectual capacity, in spite of appearances to the contrary, of women with men. In his view, because of the inequalities, women shouldn’t have been allowed to vote. He was assuredly against the suffragettes. To the question of why men of decidedly inferior mental capacities could vote when women couldn’t, he deferred to an argument for averages. He says in all these matters we have to deal with averages.

Bax tells us and he would gratify those who see women only as sexual objects

[…] the truth in question consists in the fact, while man has a sex, women is a sex.

Quoting Otto’s book Sex and Character, he writes

Woman is only sexual, man is also sexual. In woman, sexuality is diffused over the whole body, every contact on whatever part excites her sexually.

But he doesn’t stop here, he goes on to write

……woman has continued to find her chief function in the direct procreation of the race.


For many people such an elaborate explanation on this topic is not required. But in Indian sub-continent, it is very hard to make people believe that all religions are different and we will not go to heaven by following all religions. In 15th century AD arose Bhakti and Sufism movement in India. Though both were belongs to different religions (Bhakti to Hinduism and Sufism to Islam), both had same message of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood. At the same time, a new religion was founded in Indian subcontinent which preached that Hinduism and Islam both are true paths to reach god, this religion is called Sikhism.

There can be various ways to categorise religions. Here I am categorising religions based on no. of God it allowed to worship.  Mainly there are three types of Religion:

  • Monotheistic Religion like most of Abrahamic Religions, e.g .Islam and Judaism
  • Pantheist or Idol worshippers like Hinduism, Jainism, Chinese religions such as Confucius
  • Philosophies without God: Like Buddhism , Taoism

There can be at most one religion at a time which can be true. Reason is quite evident. If we analyse different religion we will observe, most of religion are different. They have two parts-one is spiritual and other is social. There are some similarities in social parts which give rise to this paradox of all religion are true and same, such as: always speak truth, never steal, never kill any human, help poor, give charity, take care of your elders, be kind etc.

Even in social parts, there are many marked differences in religions. Take the example of Islam with respect to Hinduism. Hinduism promote vegetarianism  whereas Islam promote Non vegetarianism, Islam allow 4 marriages while in Hinduism monk and sadhus don’t want to get married and think it is something to avoid, they will be more pure if not married. There are some other Hindu’s who practice polygamy one women having more than one husband. In Islam, groom has to give dowry (Mehar) where as in Hinduism; Bride family has to give dowry. Hinduism has a rigid caste system, in Islam there is no caste system. Muslim buried their dead where as Hindu burned them. Still think both religions are same and made by same creator? Think again. How same creator can tell two different things to two different messengers or avatars?

Now if we observe spiritual part, which is real part of religion we found enormous difference between Islam, Hinduism Christianity.

Islam is strictly mono theistic religion, whereas Hinduism is not, while Christian believe in trinity. In Islam, Allah has no shape and image to compare, he neither has son nor has any wife. He is one and omnipotent –Creator of whole universe and everything within the universe; he is neither born nor will die. He can’t be worshipped as an image as he does not have any image. Hinduism is just opposite of it. They have many gods and goddess and they are not forbidden to worship any creation as each creation has part of god (ansh). Not only that, cow is sacred animal which is also worshipped. There is a very rigid caste system imposed by Hinduism.

Though Christian believes in one supreme god but at the same time believe that he has a son which differentiates Christianity from Islam. That son is none other than Jesus Christ. Besides God, they worship Son and Holy Spirit. But they do not worship creation and cow is not sacred for them so they are different from Hinduism and Islam. Hence, all the three religion has different perspective of God. Now let’s come to prayers.

Muslim prays 5 times a day facing towards Kabba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. They do not worship any image and do not involve any mediator to reach god. Muslims have direct link to Allah through prayers. Whereas, in  Christianity,  Christ is the medium to reach god. Hindus also use all sort of Avatars and mediators to reach various gods, besides that they have thousands of other god and goddess to worship. They even worship forces of nature and animals. Their vadas are full of hymns of sun god, water and air god . Christianity does not have any such gods but believed in trinity. They do not have any caste system. They worship mainly on Sunday in church and praise God and his son. Most importantly, in Hinduism we found the concept of karma and reincarnation which is absent in Islam, Christianity and all Abrahamic faiths. In Islam and Christianity you live once and then on judgment day you will be resurrected. But in Hinduism, some believe, as in Buddhism and Jainism cycle of birth and rebirth continues till you attain moksha other Hindu believe in heaven and hell like all major religions .One more very big difference between Islam and other religion is that, Muslim believe on the authority of Quran that there is no other true religion left on the face of earth and Prophet Mohammad is the last messenger and hence everyone has to follow his teachings otherwise they will not go to heaven. Christian believes the same about Christ. It is only in India that a fallacy of all path lead to same destination is available which they must realize.

Many rivers can originate from different place and merge in same ocean but not all. Many paths can lead you to your destination but not all. In the same way all religion will not take you to the Supreme Being, the creator of universe. Some will make you go astray other will misguide you some other will take you to such a long journey that your life will finish but you will not reach to your destination. Only one path can take you directly to your creator. Every believer of God should follow that one path alone.

I can go on and on to explain how all religions can’t be true at a time and how they are different from each other. But I think this much difference is enough for any sane person with even little intelligence.


Fine tuning of Universe and Existence of Christianity:

Some times while debating Science vs.  Christianity, believer come up with the argument of fine tuning and condition required for the existence of life on earth. They argue that life of earth and even existence of universe is so improbable that it requires a God. Without believing in God it is impossible to imagine existence of life.Further, they argue that from more than fifty years Scientists are trying to find intelligent life in universe but still were not able to find life.

Christians fail to realise that this argument is common for all religions and thus should not be used by one particular religion to prove its correctness.

As long as there is not any demonstrable connection between A and B, existence of A does not, in any way, prove existence of B. Religious people’s keep making this mistakes.

  1. World cannot exist without a God
  2. Hence Christianity is true.

Even though, Christianity is biggest religion in terms of followers, but that does not mean there are no other religions in world which have the concept of God or gods and goddesses. Hinduism is the oldest religion and it too has a concept of gods. Islam is fastest growing religion and it too has the concept of one god which is different from Christian God because Christian God has a begotten Son.  But Allah do not have son. So both must be different or you can say only one of them can be right. Most of the religions do have concept of God. But each God concept differed from other. Not only that, there can be two types of Gods- Theist and Deist. Theist is what religious peoples believe in. Theist God interact with its creation, whereas Deist God is just a creator. He is indifferent from its creation. This makes thing more complicated. Now, first Christians, who want to prove Christianity using fine tuning arguments, need to prove that god is not deist God. Secondly, they have to demonstrate connection between A to B.

One can argue, why only Christians have to demonstrate A is connected to B? Answer is simple. Only Christians are hiding behind such argument, thus they are the one to demonstrate it. Take the example of Muslims. They preach Islam based on Quran not based on fine tuning, same is true with Hindus, they preach Hinduism based on Vedas and other religious scriptures. Most of their religious leaders are not scientific literate like Christians do. So, they do not even know how improbable the self-existence of universe is. They only know what is written in scripture and preach the same.

Since Christians were pioneer in Science, from the last few centuries, hence their religious preachers know more science than others religious leaders in present time. Whatever in Science is favourable, they believe in it, rest they leave for scientific community to use for development of nation. A religion which killed scientist for believing in heliocentric theory instead of geo-centric theory is now using science to prove existence of god. Really world is strange place and god works in mysterious ways.

Blind Faith: A Belief Without Reason.

The biggest evil of all time that exists even today is blind faith- “a belief without reason and logic, which is unquestionable and without any evidence”. When you go deep into any religion with an open mind trying to understand it not just to criticize it, then only you realize how firmly, religious complexity bond its believers. The elaborate ways in which people perform prayers, the sacrifices made by their religious leaders, their history, stories of god and goddess, morality, miracles and philosophy of how to live life makes their follower to believe in it without need of any evidence. A believer fails to understand how so many things can be false altogether? The very first thought comes to his mind is How so many people’s following his religion from so long period of time can be wrong? If they look around them, they will find that majority of people on earth do not follow their particular religion, moreover, most of them do not see any logic and morality in it. So don’t fool yourself just by seeing large no. of member of your faith. If such people go deep into history of their religion, then they will surely find many people’s who revolted against their own religion but such revolt was suppress brutally in the name of god. Even today, be sure there are plenty of people’s dissatisfied with their religion. Such peoples keep following their religion to avoid any isolation from their society and family.

Blind faith whether in religion or any philosophy is cause of all genocides, inequality, ignorance towards Science and many wars were fought in the name of religion. Even though no religion teaches fighting each other in general, in fact, most of them teach peace. But, since all new religion face hatred, oppression and opposition in the beginning hence they also have some support for waging wars for oppressed people and in self-defence. A learned follower can differentiate between offence and self-defence, but those who try to use religion for political reasons and fighting, misinterpret it to innocent followers and create hate in their mind and justify killing in the name of god. It is due to the blind faith that such persons succeed in spreading hatred and making human kill other human being, burned their property and rape their women. No humanitarian religion will allow such animal like act. Having said that, it is also true that, Religion provides a fertile ground where crop of hatred can easily be cultivated and animal instinct inside human can be unleashed. It provides all the sources to be misuse for fighting and killing innocent people and most importantly hating other religious persons, and all this is possible due to blind faith.

Blind faith is contrary to religion itself. Because many modern religions make some prophecy that a new messenger or guide will come in due course of time. In the absence of open-mindedness, by no means, you can identify any such person because you are indoctrinated to believe in your religion alone with blind faith. So even if someone gives you proof of his or her truthfulness you will not going to believe. This is the reason, Jews didn’t believe in Christ and Christian didn’t believe in Islam and Muslims didn’t believe in Ahmadi sect when these Massiah or Prophet themselves claim their divine birth and perform miracles. Islamic and others religious scripture proclaim that a new messenger or IMAM will come in short time (Short time because as per religious prophecy, Judgment day will come soon).Even after that more than 1000  years past for different religions and no messenger or IMAM came to liberate the world except those who are believed to be false prophet or Imam. Is it not possible that he might already came and left you? But due to your blind faith you were not been able to recognize him? Even if he still needs to come, how with your eyes blindfolded with faith and your mind incapable of understanding anything else because of your blind faith will recognize him?

So, whether you consider with religious perspective or logical and scientific perspective blind faith is not good at all. If you have faith in unseen, like in god, heaven or alien then you can defend your faith, based on religion but if you negate things which are observable and scientifically proved just to defend your religion and attribute it to your faith, you are fooling yourself. You are going backward to dark ages instead of moving forward to light.


Blind faith put a blind fold on your eyes, your ears and your mind and you live a life of deaf, dumb and blind. The height of ignorance is that, there are religious believers who feel proud by saying that if my scripture says 1+1=3, then I will believe in it and not in what I learned in school. This is the extreme of blindness, where all argument, reason and evidence become irrelevant.

The important question is how to eradicate this age-old evil from our society? It can be done through education and spreading awareness about science. Firstly, we have to be educated about our religion and then about other religion. Whether anyone like it or not, but religions are going to stay with us .Hence we have to understand that it is not the religion or religious people but the blind faith which is the biggest evil of modern society and should be exterminated at the earliest.

Religious believers should stop presuming things and should come out of your wonderland and face the reality. Before you say anything about your religion first check you scriptures. Don’t presume about your own religion without knowing it. You might be thinking that you are following world greatest and most humanitarian religion based on the input received from your own priest, family and religious man but your thinking will not change the facts which are clearly written in your scriptures. Many times I hear stories from different people’s about greatness of their religion but the truth is they don’t know what is written in their scriptures because they never read their religious books. They all have second-hand information from those who themselves don’t know about the religion and believe on narratives of such persons. The thing which holds you back is the cost you would have to pay if your religion comes out to be false. But at the same time you must understand that there is no point in following false religion. Look for the true religion with open mind and follow it.

India must focus on STEM for its Future

I am not talking about Stem cells! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Indians are champion in mathematics, thus we have to focus on Science and Technology. We have to create atmosphere of innovation and learning. Education should be made more practical rather than memorizing mare facts and information to pass exams.

A new revolution is required in Education system. In New Delhi, Mr. Manish Sisodia (Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi since February 2015) is doing remarkable work in the field of education. Whole India should follow the same model. Schools must use videos and audio for teaching. Fifth graders must have own laptops. Internet should be compulsory in schools. If any student fail in exam even after attending 90% of classes, Teachers must be hold responsible. Students should be taught about practical use of subject they are learning. More budgets should be allocated for education.

US education policy figure out STEM as most important educational areas where more students and teachers are requires keeping US on top of world.

These four areas hold immense potential in future and present. Only those countries ruled the world who respected talent and invested in innovation and new research. USA is not no.1 because she is rich in natural resources, but because every talented person is welcome in US and they spent billions of dollars on research and development. US, China, Japan are top three countries having maximum nos. of International Patent in 2017. US is world largest economy and China is fastest emerging economy making one to one correlation between nos. of Patent and economic prosperity and growth. India does not make in the list of top ten.

No one will stop you if you keep dreaming to make India super power or at least developed country in next ten years or by 2030. However, it will not change anything. Blaming government too will not change anything. After all we, the citizen of India, choose our own government to destroy our own country. India is a democratic country. Power is in the hand of citizens. We do not need revolution to change government. We just need to vote sensibly. We need to understand that government is for developing country, not for making Temples and Mosque. Religion is a private affair; we can take care for it. Government must do what it is supposed to do i.e. developing and building infrastructure, border security, making and implementing national & International policies, controlling inflation, strengthening law and order, housing for poor’s and subsidy to farmers etc.

India is a young country. When I was 21, I use to think that within ten years India will be developed country. But nothing changed. We are actually moving backward. Unemployment is at highest. People are applying for Peon jobs after doing graduation and post-graduation. Tolerance is at lowest level. Rich are becoming richer and poor farmers are committing suicide. Instead of controlling population, peoples are advocating to produce more children. We can change all this by the power of our vote.

Cast your vote based on past performance of government not on what they are promising for future. Politicians never fulfilled their promises. Do not vote for the party. Vote for right candidate. An honest person, who do not have any previous criminal record and he must be educated. If Election commission or government cannot set the rules for politicians, we have to set our own standards.

Copernicus — The Science Geek

In this post I’ll talk about Nicolas Copernicus (1473 – 1543) and the heliocentric theory. The move away from the prevailing Earth-centred theory of the Universe to the heliocentric theory represents one of the greatest advances in astronomy ever made. Nicolas Copernicus – Image from Wikimedia Commons Background – the need for a better theory […]

via Copernicus — The Science Geek

How to post regularly

If you are not a full-time blogger, it is very difficult to produce original content daily. But if you will not post regularly, you might not find more followers or worst, you might lose some of your followers. The big question is how to post regularly on daily basis without involving in plagiarism. There is a solution of this problem-free content or common share. Free content means a text or media file which does not have copy right and freely available for sharing. There are many sites which allow you to publish news from their websites to your blog. An easy Google search for key word-“free content” will yield you name of several websites. Now you are free to create your original content and in the meantime keep publishing from free content website and avoid being victim of plagiarism. Make sure to give them credit of content as a goodwill gesture.

One more important thing worth mentioning here is that, copy right does not stop you from quoting text for educational purpose or for giving an example under fair use. But it is better to mention source. However, that does not mean you copy paste whole paragraph or article!  It is always better to take permission from author before quoting from any book. Because criteria of fair use is not very clear. Sometimes even one sentence can cause big controversy. Hence, being original is the best solution.