GOD means Christian God.


First of all thanks for those people who piss me off by their flawed arguments and illogical content. It gives me new ideas to write a new post. This Post is about concept of God in various religion and culture and how wrongly we start writing or talking about God without explaining first which God we are talking about? There are theist, deist and agnostics. All of them believe in some kind of creator. However, every group has different concept of creator. Even in each group, different religion has different views or belief about Creator.

Normally, we do not translate names when we translate text from any language to English. However because of Christianity being most populous religion and English being international language from centuries the word God is being used for all Gods of different religions and even for Gods with different attributes. Not only that, it also has a plural and feminine form. I will use Supreme Being for the God in this post to differentiate the God of Christianity from other religion.

In Islam Supreme Being is known as Allah. Allah ever exists. He is neither created nor born not will die. He does not have any wife, son, daughter, mother or father.  He is the one, nothing is like him nor is he like anything.

“He did not beget (give birth) and He was not begotten (given birth to).” (Surat Al-Ikhlas, Chapter 112, verse 3).

There are many other attributes of Allah which need to be considered to properly define who Allah is. For example, Allah is forgiving, merciful, just, omnipotent and omnipresent. He has not made any demigod or goddess or anyone who has share in his powers.

There is a mark difference in the definition of Allah and Christian God. A Christian God first and foremost is believed to have a begotten son. The Son himself is a god! Not only that, there is a holy spirit which is also part of God himself. In this way, Christians believe in trinity.  Hence, translating God as Allah or Allah as God is wrong practice.

Coming to Hinduism, Hindus also have concept of one Parabrahman or Supreme Being. However, his nature is unknown. He created other Gods and goddess who took birth on earth as their Avatars. Like Ram and Krishn were believed to be Avatars. One of my fellow blogger told me “ There are five eternal entities. (1)Jiva – the creatures, (2) Ishwar- the deities which include indra, brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and all. (3)Maya- the only non living entity which controls time and our actions.  (4)Brahman (Akshar/chidakash/satchitanand) the cause of creation of infinite universes. (5) Parabrahman/Purna-purushottam/Adi Vishnu : the one who transcends all and even Akshar. Although Akshar is the highest entity, Purna Purushottam is the one who transcends Akshar.”

From above, you can see there is not just one God doing everything in hindu mythology. There are layers of God. Translating Hindu God as “God” is wrong. However, people do it all the time for simplicity or because of influence of English and Christian religion. It is like translating Modi as Trump in English. It is absurd to translate names. It is more absurd when we translate any other religious deity or supreme being as God. Before starting any argument or debate about God, we must first define which God we are talking about!


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  1. No there is one God, if you trust in logic without flaw. Skeptic as basis has no footing. True that one must speak of Vedic scripts when discoursing on Hinduism. Or, one must speak of human sacrifice when speaking of many world religions that have existed. False gods change nothing of created reality. Goethe is wrong and enlightenment is more often darkness. But believe your logic is grounded in Truth and make your world become reality. I will hold my breath, please don’t let me turn blue.

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    • I am sorry, but my English is not so good that i can understand what you said here. Can you please let me know whether you agree with my post or not? which false gods? Truths are eternal but reality keep changing based on observer.


      • I agree with your posting but Truth is eternal and found only in the one God. God embodies Truth and is Christ Jesus, our savior.
        Whether we know this or not is by grace, primarily, while also of our circumstance and the truth and love we have seen in the other. Evangelization is a lived truth and we ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten others in using the gifts He bestowed as holy believers. Free will and the dignity God creates in every person from conception to natural death does not allow us to interfere in the seeking of truth that he or she must be allowed to pursue. Teaching virtue and praising God with a clean heart is the best we can do for ourselves and others. Truly coming to understand the faith they know is part of loving each person as Christ teaches us.
        I hope that is in line with your thoughts or at least compatible with your blog posting.
        Simply in one sense in keeping with the aphorism, Live Truth, Live Catholic. There is a party going on along that line (my parish festival). You are invited!


  2. sorry, you seem to have a limited view of the Christian God, by which you only seem to take the god of the trinitarian Christians and nor of the real Christians who follow the Jewish Nazarene Jeshua (Jesus Christ, hence the name Christians). The real Christians believe in the same singular God as the Jews and Muslims, Allah (from there that there is no plural form for this word which in many languages is used to indicate the singular Supreme Being “The He Is Who Is” or the “I Am Who Is the Being” = “Ehyeh asher ehyeh”: “I will be that I will be”)

    As you know and say there are many gods but you should know like the world has to come to know that there is only One True God above all gods, and that is the Allah Elohim Hashem Jehovah. That god is not Jesus, because Jesus might be a god but not the God, him bein a son of man and a prophet (a sent one from God) but not like a lot of Christians may believe him so called being an incarnate god.

    You wrongly say ” Christians believe in trinity. Hence, translating God as Allah or Allah as God is wrong practice.” You should have said that there are many christians who believe God is a Trinity but that this goes in against the Biblical teaching and against the Words of God Himself Who says clearly that there is Only One True God Who is an Unseen Spirit. God is a spiritual Being and not a man of flesh and blood, like Jesus was. Real Christians do not believe in such false teachings of a tri-une godhead, but keep to the Words of God, you might find in the Tanakh and in the Messianic writing, together making up for the Christian Bible.

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    • Yes, you are right. I wrongly said “Christians believe in trinity”, because there are no Christians but different groups and denominations of Christians . Each group has its own interpretation of bible and Christianity. From your perspective, i can say that Abraham God is one and the same. Still there are various religions with different concept of gods and goddess. Thanks for your comment and valuable time.


      • There is one, holy, apostolic and Catholic church. This is the line from Jesus and His apostles. The Gospel handed down by this Tradition is the only true Gospel. Paul tells us what to expect when we accept another Gospel. Christ is the cornerstone and He revealed that He was one with the Father. We are to baptize in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The is only one church founded by Jesus. Heresies against the one body have existed since Pentecost when The Holy Spirit blessed the church. We should accept that they may last until Jesus returns. Compromising the truth Jesus taught for these worldly sects is not living in The Kingdom of God established by Our Lord, Jesus Christ; true God and true Man. Jesus is the Messiah, there is no other.


        • That apostolic and Catholic church did not keep to the belief of the apostles nor to the faith in the same Gdo as Jesus and his disciple (apostles) They as Jews believed in only One true God Who is One and not three, and Who is the God of Abraham.

          Jesus never founded the Roman Catholic nor any other church. It were and are men who founded churches and religious institutions.

          The real church is the Church of God to which the spiritual Body of Christ has to belong, which is made out of different sorts of churches or denominations we can find in Christianity (non Trinitarian churches) and/or perhaps also in Christendom (trinitarian churches).

          According to the Torah, the prophets, the wirings of the Hebrew chosen people by God and according to the Messianic writings (gospels and letters from the chosen people by Christ Jesus) there is only One True God and that is the God of Abraham.
          We may find this Gdo being praised by Jews, Jeshuaists, real Christians and real Muslims, but not by the trinitarian Christians who worship a three headed god, of which their godhead Jesus has even less qualities common with the main god than we can find by the sub gods or father gods or main gods in polytheist groups, though nobody calls such pagan groups monotheists (so why well with the trinitarian Christians?).


          • It appears, Marcus, as though you did not post the cluster groupings of Scripture that were previously attached to this conversation. I wonder if even you saw them? Nonetheless my response is principally the same. One small addition, saleh, that comes to mind is that Islam has faith that is not druze and is of proper conscience. Amazing that the false image of God presented in Q’uran brings those who lov God to the same source. Then again, God is Love. Abraham, father in faith, never made this statement with anything other than all he had, every faculty, even extending to returning Isaac into the loving hands of the father. Where is the lamb? Who’s God is the golden calf?
            I will not try to convince you that Jesus is Lord. If you so believed you would hear His words telling us that when we see His face we are looking at the Father. He sits at the right hand of the Father. One more, as I know it is only The Holy Spirit who can convict you of truth and my words are simple clay that dries like dung and falls away to dust. Why would God first come into the world to meet Abraham in the flesh as a community of three persons? I will pray for you that your love of Yeshua will bring you to full faith. Thank you for you kind response.


          • I Believe what God Himself says about Christ, the Lamb of God, that it is God His only begotten son and not The God come to earth, but like the Messianic Writings say, the sent one From God.

            You yourself mentions that he sit at the right hand of God (what I believe) though you still keeps believing Jesus would be God, and than He would have faked His temptation and death (because God can not be tempted and can’t die) and than he shall not sit next to Him but at His throne and place. God is not a three-godhead. Your last sentences I do not understand you suddenly also doubting such false teaching of the Trinity: “


          • At the end you suddenly seemingly come to-doubt your Trinity God, you saying: “Why would God first come into the world to meet Abraham in the flesh as a community of three persons?”. May I hope you come to see there is only One true God and that Jesus is His messenger, the sent one, and mediator between God and man. I shall pray you come t see that Jesus is the way to God, and not God himself.


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