2019 Indian Election

Around the world, different politically motivated people tried to establish an extremist religious Government. However, none of them was able to last longer. Take the example of Taliban in Afghanistan, after years of wars, finally they establish a hard line radical Islamic Government. Within a few years most of the citizen starts feeling suffocating. World has changed. People needs freedom to choose what is right for them.  Most recent case is of Saudi Arabia. As petroleum price crumbled, Saudi Government realise need for modernisation for the progress of country.

When whole world is liberalising, India alone is moving backward towards hard line Hinduism called Hindutva! Majority of Hindu’s do not want it, however some greedy peoples who wants to rule India since independence but were always rejected by majority wants to use Hinduism as a tool to rule the nation. They have no concern about goodwill of nation and its development. Their focus is power. RSS and its political wing BJP are two such big organisations along with dozen small organizations that are spreading poison of communalism in the mind of  Indian youth. They teach wrong history to their innocent young followers. Their mode of operation is similar or inspired by German Nazi’s. Fortunately or unfortunately there is one distinction. They are not real patriotic. That can explain why it took BJP seventy years to gain full majority in election. Even after having full majority they were not able to fulfil 10% of their promises. The only good policies or reform they implemented are brainchild of previous Congress government. When BJP was in opposition, they oppose GST and FDI. As soon as they came in power they implemented both policies abruptly.

A nationalist and true Hindu favouring party could have done wonders for Indian Hindus. They could have opened hundreds of Hindu universities. At least they could have solved Babri Mosque issue in favour of Hindus within a year. Uniform civil court is one of the main agenda in BJP manifesto. However even after having full majority nothing has been done in last four years. This proves that BJP is not serious about Hindus or National development. They are only serious about election and promoting RSS agenda and supporting few Baba’s like double shree and Ram dev.

BJP Government under leadership of Mr. Modi is only making promises. Mr. Modi is one of the most successful politicians of 21st century in India. He has incredible ability to distract public attention from real issues of development, unemployment, farmer’s suisides and infrastructure development. He has amazing friendly relations with big business magnets. 56” chest, red eyes and ability to answer Pakistan in their language makes him distint fromprevious Prime Ministers. Not only Pakistan, Mr. Modi showed his strength to China in Doklam.

BJP and RSS are using Hindutva as a Chewing gum, distributing it to masses. Initially when they chew it, it feels sweet and innocent people forget their misery and problem for some time. They just enjoy the taste. But soon will be a time when sweetness of this chewing gum will vanish and they have to face reality. That time they will not be able to swallow it or spit it. They have to continue chewing without any taste.

2019 election will be the most important election for India since independence. India citizen has to choose whether they want a fake Hindutva party or a Pseudo secular party? Choices are limited. In my view, instead of voting for any national or state party vote for candidate. Vote for an honest, non-criminal candidate with good previous record of serving peoples. Don’t worry about how government will be formed or which party will win. Coalition governments are better than single party having full majority and ruling like dictatorship. “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Your vote is valuable. Vote based on real issues we are facing daily. Vote based on 5 years performance of elected government. Do not cast your vote based on last year achievements or based on propaganda and “JUMLA”.  Cast your vote based on economic development, unemployment rate, petrol prices, education standard, infrastructure development, inflation rate and GDP to name a few parameters.

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