Stop Watching News Channels

Indian media has lost all its credibility. They are working like paid servant for politicians. For money, they can sell their nation. Instead of keeping details secret about Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, they were showing his home and family members. Not only that, when Pakistan announce release of Abhinandan, instead of asking right question from Indian Govt. about, what diplomatic action they took or whether Pakistan is really showing a positive gesture to start dialogues, these media channels were busy in war mongering and cursing Pakistan even before detained Indian Pilot reach India.

If Pakistan changes its mind at last moment what will we do? Will these media houses bring him back?  

Stop watching such news channels that run political propaganda & war mongering and make lots of money for themselves. Tell them that we want sensible news and ground reporting not just imaginary reporting. We want to see debates on facts and figure not on Mosque and temples. We want proper analysis and neutral views from both sides rather judgement by reporter.

Shift to neutral channels running on social media and on internet. Do not rely on one channel. Use your own brain and cross check everything before accepting and forwarding it.

I want to appeal everyone, do not praise Pakistan. Try to understand diplomacy of Imran Khan. Not at once, he talk about banning Jaesh e Mohammed who are actually Jaesh e shaten as rightly pointed out by Owaisi in his speech in Maharashtra. Imran Khan is trying to create divide between secular and communal Indians. Pakistan’s PM understand it very well that Mr. Modi is not a popular Prime Minister. By showing goodwill of Pakistan he is actually trying to create divide. Do not fall prey to Pakistan. Stand united with India. We must praise Indian forces and our brave soldiers.

Think twice before you say or write anything. Control your emotions and temptation. Use your all intellectual faculties before opening your mouth. This is a difficult time and politicians can use it in any way.

Pulwama Attack and Indian Retaliation

Indian air force carried out a successful operation.It is a proud moment for Indians. However, It is shameful to encash Armed forces success for political gain. Surgical strike is not meant for publicity. Why such critial news made public ? What is the stratgic gain India will have by disclosing such confidential information to public? Same Govt. had problem in disclosing price of Rafale aircraft giving excuse of national security. But they have no problem in disclosing details of air strike ?

Election makes all things possible.

India is having General Election in next two month. It was quite obvious since long time that Modi Govt. will use any means to win this election. instead of stopping election campaign to focus on pulwama attack and to build deplomatic pressure on pakistan, Mr. Modi gave free hand to army. He is fully focussed on election. He has no time for anything else.

However, Pakistan will not keep quite. Pakistan will try to retaliate. One thing both nation must understand that war is not a game that you can use for political gain. War means death, distruction and loss of property. Think sensably. Act practically and dont behave emotionally.