Abhinandan Ka Abhinandan on safe return to India

Our brave Pilot finally returned home safely. I am extremely happy. I was not able to sleep properly last night. I was concern about him as he was in Pakistan and any moment it might happned that Pakistan could change it decision. According to one news in Economic times, “A Pakistani citizen on Friday filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court to stop the imminent release of the captured Indian Air Force pilot Wing Commander Abhinanadan Varthaman, saying he committed crime against the country and should be put on trial here.” Which makes me more worried.

Since morning I was watching news to get some more information about timing of his release. But our news channels are becoming useless piece of shit. You can find every baseless news, useless debates on religion and political drama but it is very hard to get any sensible information. Finally when I saw wind commander Abhinandan entering Indian Territory from Wagah-Attari joint check-post on social media video, I feel relaxed and happy like all Indians.   

We all must learn a simple lesson from this episode: when other party is willing to talk, we must first give “peace a chance”. Between two nuclear nations, war is not an option to solve any dispute. Learn from America and North Korea. America built enormous pressure on North Korea but never drop a bomb on its territory. I am not a fan of Donald Trump or USA, however, I this case; they definitely show the world that by using diplomatic pressure and talks, we can resolve issues. War is not a solution. It never was. Since WWII, we have not seen war between nuclear nations. Because, once you have nuclear weapons and striking power, you became equal to any mighty country in the world. No country can afford loss of entire city or its capital.