How To Love Your Work Which Is Not Your Passion?

It is true and now a days a general advise that do what you love. However, sometimes our love and passion are not financially viable source of income. In such case we can’t do what we love to do for our survival and wellbeing. In such scenario, we have to do what we ought to do!

From college itself we start making wrong carrier choices. Later on we get job based on those wrong carrier choices. We became mediocre employee and keep cursing everyone. In schools and colleges, we choose courses based on peer pressure, parents’ wishes and because of our inexperience.

Most of parents force their kids to choose professional courses. Most importantly, in India, parent knows only two profession- Medical and Engineering. As if no one else is making fortune. Without knowing and asking their kids, parent force them to take mathematics or biology. One more problem with Indian parents is that they think their child is genius but not studying enough to get good marks (90%). They don’t care about interest of their children. Suppose if a child is very good in painting, instead of motivating and supporting him to become great painter, parents will force him to become Engineer. Every parent in India wants his child to top in class and even in school. Somebody must tell them that only one person can top the school at one time! So, parents should have realistic goals and do some more research about new courses and professions available now days. Till this happens, people have to find some methods to love what they are doing.

Now question is how to develop your interest in what you have to do for living? Firstly, you must learn completely about your job and try to understand what is the importance of your job? No job is small or big. Every job is important. Find out how your job, you company or your industry is bringing positive change in society. For example: if you are working in HVAC company, you may be a small part of your company but always remember that for perfectly running  any machinery every part, how so ever small it may be, is equally important. Your work may not be changing anyone’s life, but your company is providing comfort and clean air to lot of peoples and making their life better. By knowing this you can develop love for your job. Because you are not just preparing drawings, presentation or doing execution work at site but you are working to make life better for thousands of peoples who will come to that building.

Secondly, work hard to become expert of your profession. When you will become expert, you can work based on your own rules. You will receive recognition; increments and appreciation which will help you love your work. Most of the time it is our laziness and habit of procrastination that makes us hate our work. You do not love your job when you do not know your job. When you work hard and learn completely about your job, you will no longer depend on company, but company will depend on you. You will gain extra freedom and flexibility in work, which will definitely improve your working environment and make you love your job.

If you can’t do what you love, love what you do.

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Time waste is a life waste.

If you waste money, you can earn it back. However, you do not have any such facility with time. I have seen people killing time when they do not have anything else to do as if they will recover that time back whenever they want!

Time is most precious thing because as of now, we do not have any technology to reverse time or create time. Hence, use every second of every minute of every hour of every day of your life properly. To use time effectively, always carry some good books with you. Whenever you do not have anything else to do, you can start reading books. If you find it clumsy then you can download some books in your mobile and read it in your mobile whenever you have free time. If you are not interested in reading, then watch educational and motivational videos on YouTube. Meet peoples; call your friends and family members in free time. Make new friends, attend seminars, functions and fairs.

                World is changing very fast. Everyday some new technology is coming in market. Keep updating yourself. Whether you are a student, serviceperson or a businessman, it is equally important for you to learn continuously about new ideas, technologies, politics, cultures and religions. Utilise every moment instead of killing time in doing useless things. Whether rich or poor, we all have only 24 hours a day. No one can buy more time for himself. Hence, make most out of it.

Following are some time saving tips which can help you to save time:

  1. Wake up early. Start with to do list.
  2. Walk faster. When you do not have any goal in mind you walk slowly. Always set your goals and try to exceed them.
  3. While it is good to make friends, avoid wasting time in meaningless gossiping, backbiting and sitting idle.
  4. Plan before you start any activity. Rework waste time, money and energy. Hence, always plan in your mind first.
  5. Entertainment is important in life, however, do not waste whole day watching movies or cricket matches on TV. Try some outdoor games and creative entertainment for few hours.
  6. Take good care of your health to enhance your efficiency.
  7. Try to live near to your workplace. Daily two hours travel does not make any sense in long team.

Take Pain Seriously!


Everything that we have in our body has a reason. We hate pain; however it also has a purpose. You may like it or not but pain is the language of our subconscious mind through which it convey a message to conscious mind.

Last week I had severe pain in my ear, initially I avoided it as it was not severe. As pain increased with time I decided to go to ENT specialist. After examination doctor told me that I have ear infection.

Pain may be annoying and irritating but sometimes it is due to pain that we seek treatment. Never ignore pain. Pain is not without reason. Sometimes pain is early sign or warning for some big trouble like heart attack or kidney failure. By taking pain seriously, you can avoid many serious illnesses.

Failures are good


We live in a world where only achievers and successful persons are recognized. Failures are highly undesirable and inadvisable. Not just society treat such persons who fail in some endeavor awfully but the person himself feels ashamed. No doubt success is great. But failure too has a great hidden side which very few appreciate or even recognise.

When you fail you break away from your routine daily life and find some free time for yourself. This time you can utilize in introspection and reasoning for your failure. Don’t waste this time in worrying and feeling dejected. Everyone fails, but you are not a failure until you give up. Greatness is not in never falling but in rising higher every time you fall. This is very precious time. Use it to start a fresh.

In daily routine life we are so occupied that we never get chance to think about our life, our priorities and the values. We became like a programmed machine. We forget what matters most for us when we initially started. Some people even forget to take a vacation and work continuously for years. A Failure gives you time to break away with this monotonous routine life. Use this time to remember what was most important for you? Ask yourself question: Is this type of life I wanted? This is the time to make a 360 degree turn if required. Else start preparing to turn your failure into bigger success by learning from it. Tension, worries and procrastination waste time and energy. Don’t waste time in worrying. It will not solve any problem. Meet Peoples who always encouraged you. Read inspirational books.

Every one of us is surrounded with small thinkers. These people de-motivate you and create a doubt in your mind about your ability. Don’t listen to such people. Start Believing in your strength. We all have tremendous power hidden in our mind. This power only comes out when we faced with difficulties. Never give up. Don’t feel guilty. Human are born to make error. Forgive yourself and forget anything which makes you feel guilty. But don’t forget to learn from mistakes. Anyone can make a mistake; fool insist on repeating it. So don’t be a fool. Life teaches you lesson in harsh way. It is always better to learn from others mistake instead of making one.

Enjoy and cherish your failures as you cherish your success. Because failures make you strong. They give you time to think about yourself and most importantly they teach you a lesson.

Develop a hobby


In our carrier, sometimes we reached to a dark end, where we do not find a way out to move forward. It feels like whatever we did till now worth nothing. We do not know what we do now! Because whole of our life we did just one thing.

In such times if you have a hobby, you can make that hobby your profession and move on. Peoples have different kind of hobbies like singing, dancing, writing, painting, cooking, gardening, public speaking, playing games, reading etc. You can make it full time job and earn money while enjoying your hobby.

Always have a creative hobby and take out some time for your hobbies. You will never feel worthlessness whatever be the situation in your life. You will always know that there is one thing you can do for living even if you lose everything else. Internet gave very good platform to convert your hobbies into profession. Suppose you love to travel. You can start your own travel channel on YouTube or you can start writing a blog about travel destinations.  You just need to use your creatively and you will find some way to earn money from your hobbies.

Be open to new ideas and learn from your failures.

So what is your hobby you left long back because you were busy in you life chaos? Its time to pick it up again.

Why you need Motivation?


Everyone knew in a company or an organization that for promotion and salary increment you need outstanding work. Yet only few work hard to achieve this goal. The only thing that holds us back is lake of motivation. Why we need motivation from external sources for things important for our successful and happy life? To understand this, you have to understand yourself.

Food, water, shelter, clothing and air are basic needs of human being. When you are hungry, you search for food by yourself. You do not need anyone to motivate you. Your body only push you for things which are directly related to your survival or passing on your gens to next generation.

Once you have food, your brain wants to conserve this energy for longer time. You were not evolve to waste your energy in perusing intellectual goals. You were evolved for better survival. Laziness is nothing but the energy-saving mode of your body.


After fulfilling your basic needs, you left with ambitions and desires. Desires are self-perpetuating. Whereas achieving your ambitions requires pain, suffering and hard work. Thus, for achieving your ambitions you need external motivation. Because, in this case, your body does not drive you. Instead, you (your intellectual conscious brain) have to push your body to achieve your goals.

Ten lies we often speak:


You think you are very smart when you speak a lie and and get away with it, however, sometimes your elders, your loved one’s or your boss knew that you are lying but do not correct you because they do not want you to feel embarrass. Your elders pass through same age and conditions as you are going through. If you think other persons are fool, you are the fool. Below are some lies we often speak thinking we are very smart but actually we are not!


  • I will reach in five minutes. Truth: I will reach in half hour.
  • Everything is finish in my life. Truth: I need your consolation.
  • I will start from tomorrow. Truth: I will never start it.
  • I will be late there is a traffic jam. I am still at home.
  • I was sick yesterday. Truth: I was watching football match at home.
  • I do not have money. Truth: I have, but not for you.
  • I will be late; my car broke down on the way. Truth: I have to finish some personal work.
  • Honey, I have to work overtime today. Truth: Honey, I have one more affair.
  • Mom, I have an extra class today. Truth: Mom, I find a girlfriend.
  • I love you till the last breathe of my life. Truth: Night promises are broken at daybreak.

A funny Incident:

Boss (shouting loudly): Was that truck red or white?

Employee: Sir rrrr red.

Boss: Are you sure?

Employee: No, it think it was white.

Boss (getting mad): I am asking final time, what was the color of that damn truck??

Employee: umm, blue.



Live for Today



“Life is like an Ice cream, enjoy it before it melts!”


When there is night in the west, there is a day in the East. Therefore, earth remain bright all the time. Similarly, in our life every situation has bright side and a dull side. We just need to try to see the bright side.

To live a happy life stop making detailed long-term planning. Live in today, care for today and do today’s work today. Future is very unpredictable, so do not plan much about future. You do not know what tomorrow will bring for you. Do not spent today, dreaming about tomorrow.

As we grow older, even in our 40’s, our perception about world and life change. What we thought as important, no longer remain important for us after just twenty years. You will be different you after every years. If you have to enjoy, enjoy today. If you have to work, work today. If you have to live, live today.

“Life is short, make it sweet. Do not put all the flowers for your grave.”


How to conquer your fear:


One of the most important thing that holds us back from achieving our goal is Fear. There are different kind of fears.

Fear of Failure

Fear of disrespect

Fear of rejection

Fear of injuries

Fear of losing something valuable

Fear of death

Fear of future

Fear of past mistakes

Fear of Unknown

There can be many other kind of fears, however, there is only one solution to conquer your fear –Face your fear.All humans are same. No one has shark’s teeth. If you fear any of your teacher, boss or even your parents then meet them often and talk to them, spent time with them. Soon you will realize they are just human like you. running away from your fear will not solve your proble.

Fear has profound effect on our personality and daily life. We know about what will happen to us after our death through religious scriptures and science. Both, religious scriptures and science, gives us different picture of this mystery.  Science tells us that as we die, we cease to exist and that is the end of everything for us. Whereas religion tells us that death is the beginning of new and real life, where, we will be rewarded or punished. Reward or punishments will be based on our deeds in this world. Punishments will be so severe that mare listening about it frighten you. Fear start playing its role. Fear of unknown start troubling us. We start worrying about our ultimate fate. As our age increases, people becomes more religious. They have no courage to find truth or listen to another religious preacher.

Fear plays very important role in holding religious followers to their religion. I mean, you born in an alien world knowing nothing about your pre-existence, except what your parents told you. You were a combination of sperm and ovum called Zygote- a fertilized ovum. Before that, you never existed in physical world. Religion has enough information to quench your curiosity. Since, your childhood parents and teacher told you that lord will punish you if you some bad things. This fear of punishment makes a permanent home in your mind. As you grow up, you want to stick with your religion to escape punishment from lord. Your subconscious brain is so afraid that you will never allow your thinking brain to argue against it. Even if your brain wants to rebel because of facts and evidence, you console your brain using Pascal wager argument: “Granted that faith cannot be proved, what harm will come to you if you gamble on its truth and it proves false? If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing”

He was right in his argument. Nevertheless, Mr. Pascal forget to answer most important question, i.e. which God or Which Faith?  Does he meant a Christian God with a son and Holy Spirit? Alternatively, does faith means Islamic faith or Hindu faith or Greek Faith or Zoroastrians Faith.

Even though, Pascal wager argument is flawed, it is enough to console a fearful mind. You never try to search for truth because you are so afraid of losing faith in your religion that will cause you eternal torments. Your logic fails to tell you that, if you follow false religion you will waste both lives. The only way to succeed in both the world is to find the true faith and follow it passionately. Read your scriptures and others too. Take out some time and do some research. Spending one year in searching of true faith is more important than following wrong faith blindly. Birth is not the right way to choose your faith. Read my detailed post on this topic here.


Many people do not even realize that they are suffering because of fear. First, we need to recognize our fear to conquer them. Pin point your fear. Think what is holding you back. Is it your stammer? Is it your fear to lose job? Is it the risk involve? Is it your loved one or is it fear of your past mistakes? Once you pin point your fear, you can look for solution.

Fear of failure is the most common fear we encounter in our life. However, there is no point in fearing from failure. Failures are good. You can read more about it in my blog by clicking here. Besides that, if you want to avoid failure, then you need to start with positive frame of mind. You must think about success not failures. Start with success in your mind. It will give you enthusiasm, courage and confidence to win in any situation. Do not waste energy thinking about failures. Make a plan to win, and stick to it without worrying about outcome.

Start Facing your fears and you will see them vanishing. As you run away from your fears, you make fear grow and it becomes harder to conquer them. But for a successful life, eliminating fear is necessary.