My First Award!

Blogger Recognition Award!


Thanks to Mehar Gandhi for nominating me for ‘Blogger Recognition Award’! I received two award nominations previously from other bloggers but didn’t reply to the post . When it comes to awards, I am like Amir Khan. LOL.  Though awards make me feel good, however, I doubt credibility of awards. If you haven’t already checked out Mehar Gandhi Blog, you can check out Blog here


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  • Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
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You can’t force yourself to write.

It is an inspiration that make your brain bright.

I am neither a poet, nor even a writer. I think of myself as a Science motivator and truth searcher. I write because I like writing. I like to express myself. Things which I never share with anyone I can share here.  Like any normal kid I wanted to talk with everyone about my thoughts, my feelings and my dreams. But I was different. I had a nasal voice. When I was a child, my friends and other school boys used to mock me, imitate my voice and laugh at me. I pretend to smile but my eyes never supported me. That makes me realise that if I have to talk to other, the only way is through writing my thoughts and share. However back then, there were not so much facilities. My Father was a Research officer in Unani Medicine. We belong to middle class family. There were no laptops, forget about internet.

As I grow up, I started writing even though my English grammar was very weak. I was 21 when I first start serious writing. Initially it was hard to write just a sentence. I have to think what to write for long time. Slowly I started writing one page of my diary in one hour. It was quite an improvement. However, I didn’t continue it for long time due to other responsibilities. As I started working, I find it difficult to write due to scarcity of time. For next ten years I hardly wrote anything. After ten years I again decided to write and this time with high discipline. I was in Qatar and my wife was in India. So, after office time I had two to three hours free to write. For six month, I wrote on Facebook and other free social media. Later when my wife came to Qatar with my beautiful 6 month old daughter, there was no time to write. I kept my laptop in Almera . Again for 5 years, there was a draught period in my writing.

Six month back, I started writing again. This time my aim is to become a professional blogger if not writer and to earn some money from my writing. This goal is still far away but slowly and steadily I am moving forward and this time I will not stop writing.



I am sharinig link below of my post about advice to new bloggers:


Congratulations to my nominees! Awaiting your award posts!

That’s it for the award! Loved doing this one!

Thanks to everyone for love and support. Wish you all wonderful life.

Some Rare Coins…

George V King Emperor one rupee coin year 1917 on right and Edward VII King Emperor one rupee coin year 1906 on left in below image.




From last 20 years, I am keeping these coins with me. It is one of my hobby to collect coins. Their cost varies from few Indian rupees to  several US Dollars. Most collectors already have some of these coins. But sometimes you find a coin so rare that in international market, you can sell it in more than $1000. So, if you have some rare coins first check out its cost online and how rear actually your coin is before selling it to anyone.

Copernicus — The Science Geek

In this post I’ll talk about Nicolas Copernicus (1473 – 1543) and the heliocentric theory. The move away from the prevailing Earth-centred theory of the Universe to the heliocentric theory represents one of the greatest advances in astronomy ever made. Nicolas Copernicus – Image from Wikimedia Commons Background – the need for a better theory […]

via Copernicus — The Science Geek

An ordinary person with extraordinary mission:


This is a story of an extra-ordinary person who chooses love over hate and peace over war. When other ordinary persons give up due to pain and suffering he continues with his passion-a passion to make videos to spread peace, love and happiness. Originally from Palestine he moved to USA. When everyone uploaded videos on YouTube, he shared them on Facebook. Today he is having 5.6 million followers on Facebook page. He is an Arab but still do not have Arabic accent.

His name is “Nas” which mean people or human in Arabic. He made one minute video for public.Below is the link for his page. Do visit and watch his videos. When I watched his video I became his fan. This post is dedicated to Nas.

Finally, Wheel Start Rolling!


I would like to thanks all friends and bloggers who viewed, liked and followed my posts. Today I completed 50 posts and 50 followers. So Excited :). In the beginning, it was very difficult journey but now I feel little more confident as wheel start rolling. Thank you everyone on WordPress for love, support and your generosity. It is just the start of long journey and I hope you all will continue to support me. My mission is to spread love, peace, equality and humanity. I believe that Science is the only way forward. By 2020, I want to start a NGO dedicated to sustainability, peace and humanity in India. Please do join me to spread peace. Thanks once again.

Facebook Down-Are you too having problem?

I though only I am having problem with facebook accessing. But it seems lot more people facing same problem. Facebook is taking lot more time in opening and most of the time it hang! Many more people are facing the same problem as can be seen on below link.

Please let me know in comment section if you have solution or if you too are suffering.


Avoid Dr Zakir Naik views in Shariah matters

We all appreciate memorizing power and information Dr.Zakir Naik has about comparative religions and Islam in particular. He is involved in many great works. But here is a word of cautious for all Muslims who consider him their Ideal or follow his preaching blindly just because he gives reference for everything. Below is a link where speeches and views of Dr. Zakir naik were scrutinized by Mufti thoroughly while answering a question about Zakir Naik. Go to the link for details as it is very long. Few important points I am listing below from the discourse:

  • Many of his views were found contradictory to Sahi Hadees.
  • Many of his interpretation of Quranic verses were against the tafseers written by earlier Islamic scholars
  • He is a da’ii of Islam and not to be considered as Scholar of Islam. He is not a qualified Aalim of deen. His comments on fiqh have no merit.
  • He is involved in an effort to turn the Muslim Ummah away from following the Mujtahid Imams.
  • The opinions of Dr Zakir Naik in Shariah matters and injunctions will not be deemed acceptable unless they are endorsed by a trusted scholar or a Mufti and general public are advised not to heed his opinions in Shariah matters.

Failures are good

We live in a world where only achievers and successful persons are recognized. Failures are highly undesirable and inadvisable. Not just society treat such persons who fail in some endeavor awfully but the person himself feels ashamed. No doubt success is great. But failure too has a great hidden side which very few appreciate or even know.

When you fail you break away from your routine daily life and find some free time for yourself. This time you can utilize in introspection and reason for your failure. Don’t waste this time in worrying and feeling dejected. Everyone fails, but you are not a failure until you give up. Greatness is not in never falling but in rising higher every time you fall. This is very precious time. Use it to start a fresh.

In daily routine life we are so occupied that we never get chance to think about our life, our priorities and the values. We became like a programmed machine. We forget what matters most for us when we initially started. Some people even forget to take a vacation and work continuously for years. A Failure gives you time to break away with this monotonous routine life. Use this time to remember what was most important for you? Ask yourself question: Is this type of life I wanted? This is the time to make a 360 degree turn if required. Else start preparing to turn your failure into bigger success by learning from it. Tension, worries and procrastination waste time and energy. Don’t waste time in worrying. It will not solve any problem. Meet Peoples who always encouraged you. Read inspirational books.

Every one of us is surrounded with small thinkers. These people demotivate you and create a doubt in your mind about your ability. Don’t listen to such people. Start Believing in your strength. We all have tremendous power hidden in our mind. This power only comes out when we faced with difficulties. Never give up. Don’t feel guilty. Human are born to make error. Forgive yourself and forget anything which makes you feel guilty. But don’t forget to learn from mistakes. Anyone can make a mistake; fool insist on repeating it. So don’t be a fool. Life teaches you lesson in harsh way. It is always better to learn from others mistake instead of making one.

Enjoy and cherish your failures as you cherish your success. Because failures make you strong. They give you time to think about yourself and most importantly they teach you a lesson.

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Bitcoins for Layman

Bitcoin is digital currency which is not yet certified by government or central bank of any country in whole world. It was created by a mysterious person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008. His presence and existence is secret. Present worth of 1 Bitcoin  is many fold increased compared to last year. Bitcoins does not have any coins or physical currency associated with it. It is a crypto currency. Bitcoin are long strings of numbers and letters. It is a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. That means Bitcoins are sent from one person to another without going through banks or other middlemen and thus one can save multiple transaction fees.

Whenever there is a fault or shortcoming in a system another new improved system takes its place. Paper currency has its demerits too. Hence we need new currency system. Crypto currency seems to be one such system which has ability to replace paper currency if Government start accepting it as legal currency.

If you have extra money to invest and you are not afraid of losing it but willing to take risk for huge gains, then Bitcoin is good investment opportunity. It is easy to purchase and store using different websites. Bitcoin might emerge as a currency of future. In last few years its value has increased tremendously.