Part-I: Are we bias towards Our Own Religion?

There are several reasons based on which you can believe in any particular religion. Some of them are the direct source of faith and others are indirect, and there are some which just provide strength to faith when it already exists. Is there any logic or reasoning involved or believers are inclined towards their religion? For example if one believe god exist because Science does not have all the answers to the mysteries of the world, then does it make any one particular religion true or all religion will have equal chance of being true? And if all religion has the equal chance to be true then why one believes in a particular religion instead of any other religion. Why do we make our mind that all other religions are not true even without learning about them? Does the existence of god gives any particular religion right to claim its divinity? Or are we just deluded? Let us check each of religious biases one by one on which religious faith is founded.


  • Birth in particular religion:

Birth in a particular religion is the most common base of following a religion and yet it is the most bias towards the parental religion. It is very rare that we find a person who did intensive research before he found and embrace any particular religion. On the contrary, our parents told us what religion we born in and from the childhood we are labeled with that religion. They start embedding religious values, virtues and practices and fear of god in our subconscious mind. When we grow up, we start looking towards the world through colored glasses of faith that are permanently fixed on our eyes. Our brain accepts no logic against our religion, but if exactly same thing we found in other religion, we criticize it unknowingly. We accept all illogical and inhumane practice of our religion as sacred, moral, unquestionable and without any doubt as embedded by our society and family. Even without reading our scripture we believe everything written in it is true and good, based on our blind faith. We are so over confident and deluded that we neither feel any need to read our scriptures nor we check out what is written in others scripture.

We all are victims of bad parenting and so were they, and so will be our future generations if we will not abolish bigotry. It is something for which we should criticize parents, and we must learn from them and should not repeat same mistake with our children.  There is no point in bombarding kids with religiosity before they developed critical thinking. Let them flourish first. Let them grow and go to school. Let them learn different views and then slowly you can tell them one’s religious views without forcing anything on them. Tell them, some believe that god exists some don’t and there are some other who are in doubt as they can’t disprove the existence of god. Let them grow to an age of maturity and let them decide what they feel more logical and rational. We should be there in case they need some help or if they reach to some inhuman, illogical conclusions. That will be more sensible parenting, rather than imposing your views without knowing yourself why you believed and follow them!

Leaving aside the question whether or not blind faith or just faith is the right way to follow religion, the very first question which must strike in every one’s mind is this- “Does my birth in this particular religion makes it true? Is it not a wishful thinking? Does God approve this plan? Should not I make an enquiry of available scriptures, in the light of Science, claimed to be written or inspired by god himself? Am I deluded like billions other who feel their religion is true because their parents say so or because they born in that particular religion?

It is possible that you are the lucky one (one out of thousand) who born in a true faith by chance, which is very improbable, but more chances are that you are not the lucky one! Therefore, the best way to judge whether you are born in the right religion or not, is by reading of your scriptures with full understanding and educating yourself scientifically. It will enhance your belief even if you are the lucky one and if you are not, you will be able to live life more realistically. 

To be continue…   

Blind Faith: A Belief Without Reason.

The biggest evil of all time that exists even today is blind faith- “a belief without reason and logic, which is unquestionable and without any evidence”. When you go deep into any religion with an open mind trying to understand it not just to criticize it, then only you realize how firmly, religious complexity bond its believers. The elaborate ways in which people perform prayers, the sacrifices made by their religious leaders, their history, stories of god and goddess, morality, miracles and philosophy of how to live life makes their follower to believe in it without need of any evidence. A believer fails to understand how so many things can be false altogether? The very first thought comes to his mind is How so many people’s following his religion from so long period of time can be wrong? If they look around them, they will find that majority of people on earth do not follow their particular religion, moreover, most of them do not see any logic and morality in it. So don’t fool yourself just by seeing large no. of member of your faith. If such people go deep into history of their religion, then they will surely find many people’s who revolted against their own religion but such revolt was suppress brutally in the name of god. Even today, be sure there are plenty of people’s dissatisfied with their religion. Such peoples keep following their religion to avoid any isolation from their society and family.

Blind faith whether in religion or any philosophy is cause of all genocides, inequality, ignorance towards Science and many wars were fought in the name of religion. Even though no religion teaches fighting each other in general, in fact, most of them teach peace. But, since all new religion face hatred, oppression and opposition in the beginning hence they also have some support for waging wars for oppressed people and in self-defence. A learned follower can differentiate between offence and self-defence, but those who try to use religion for political reasons and fighting, misinterpret it to innocent followers and create hate in their mind and justify killing in the name of god. It is due to the blind faith that such persons succeed in spreading hatred and making human kill other human being, burned their property and rape their women. No humanitarian religion will allow such animal like act. Having said that, it is also true that, Religion provides a fertile ground where crop of hatred can easily be cultivated and animal instinct inside human can be unleashed. It provides all the sources to be misuse for fighting and killing innocent people and most importantly hating other religious persons, and all this is possible due to blind faith.

Blind faith is contrary to religion itself. Because many modern religions make some prophecy that a new messenger or guide will come in due course of time. In the absence of open-mindedness, by no means, you can identify any such person because you are indoctrinated to believe in your religion alone with blind faith. So even if someone gives you proof of his or her truthfulness you will not going to believe. This is the reason, Jews didn’t believe in Christ and Christian didn’t believe in Islam and Muslims didn’t believe in Ahmadi sect when these Massiah or Prophet themselves claim their divine birth and perform miracles. Islamic and others religious scripture proclaim that a new messenger or IMAM will come in short time (Short time because as per religious prophecy, Judgment day will come soon).Even after that more than 1000  years past for different religions and no messenger or IMAM came to liberate the world except those who are believed to be false prophet or Imam. Is it not possible that he might already came and left you? But due to your blind faith you were not been able to recognize him? Even if he still needs to come, how with your eyes blindfolded with faith and your mind incapable of understanding anything else because of your blind faith will recognize him?

So, whether you consider with religious perspective or logical and scientific perspective blind faith is not good at all. If you have faith in unseen, like in god, heaven or alien then you can defend your faith, based on religion but if you negate things which are observable and scientifically proved just to defend your religion and attribute it to your faith, you are fooling yourself. You are going backward to dark ages instead of moving forward to light.


Blind faith put a blind fold on your eyes, your ears and your mind and you live a life of deaf, dumb and blind. The height of ignorance is that, there are religious believers who feel proud by saying that if my scripture says 1+1=3, then I will believe in it and not in what I learned in school. This is the extreme of blindness, where all argument, reason and evidence become irrelevant.

The important question is how to eradicate this age-old evil from our society? It can be done through education and spreading awareness about science. Firstly, we have to be educated about our religion and then about other religion. Whether anyone like it or not, but religions are going to stay with us .Hence we have to understand that it is not the religion or religious people but the blind faith which is the biggest evil of modern society and should be exterminated at the earliest.

Religious believers should stop presuming things and should come out of your wonderland and face the reality. Before you say anything about your religion first check you scriptures. Don’t presume about your own religion without knowing it. You might be thinking that you are following world greatest and most humanitarian religion based on the input received from your own priest, family and religious man but your thinking will not change the facts which are clearly written in your scriptures. Many times I hear stories from different people’s about greatness of their religion but the truth is they don’t know what is written in their scriptures because they never read their religious books. They all have second-hand information from those who themselves don’t know about the religion and believe on narratives of such persons. The thing which holds you back is the cost you would have to pay if your religion comes out to be false. But at the same time you must understand that there is no point in following false religion. Look for the true religion with open mind and follow it.

Silent Cry!

How will you feel if you have your own baby but you are not in a position to call him/her your baby? You want to cherish him/her, but you can’t! For an Author, his work, his book is like a baby. He is the one who give birth to it, after conceiving it sometimes more than nine month in his head. However, out of fear of his life, if he is unable to publish it or publish it with someone else name (pen name), the feeling is same as feeling of a mother who is unable to call her child her own. Freedom for expression and freedom of speech are good slogan, but they only exist until you are talking in favour of government, religion and society. As you open your mouth to speak against government, religion and society you lose all freedom.

There are two ways you can learn-hard way and easy way.  Hard way is try doing yourself, make mistakes and learn. Easy way is learn from other mistakes. If Salman Rushdie-Author of “Satanic Verses” knew that his book will cause bloody protest and death sentence for him, he might not published it with his name or might have edited some parts before publishing. He learn about the reality in hard way. Salman Rushdie was not brave to write such book; he was ignorant about his own community. If you are brave but not stupid, you can learn from Rushdie and many other such examples in easy way and avoid writing against some particular religions or at least take some precautions like keep your identity hidden.

The only reason people are afraid of truth is that they abide in falsehood. They neither want to be exposed not want to accept truth. The only way they can achieve their goal is by snatching your freedom of speech. What an ignorant and obdurate attitude is this! I mean, the first step in correcting yourself is to recognize you were wrong. Instead of recognizing your mistake if you are adamant that your world view is right and you are not willing to accept anything else, you will never ever find truth. You will always live in your own self-made wonderland.

What is the point in living in darkness even though that darkness console you? There is a saying by Plato “we can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” He said it 2500 years ago, and ironically, it is still valid in 21st century. Why people afraid of light is a big question? One reason might be Cognitive Dissonance.



Children are hard-wired to reject everything against their belief through indoctrination. As they grow up, they do not want to listen anything against their faith. When someone present them, a rational analysis of their irrational believes or when someone mildly criticize their superstitions, they became aggressive because logically they cannot prove their religious faith. Because Faith by definition, does not require any evidence. They start attacking your logical arguments as illogical and immoral from their standpoint. However, they fail to realize that morals are not absolute; they are relative to your belief. Religious Peoples draw their morals from their sacred scriptures believed to be written by GOD. In this case, if God of religion is pro human, we find pro human morals. Else, morals might be anti-feminist or caste and race based. Religion like Judaism teaches that Jews are chosen one. Hinduism teaches rigid caste system. Christianity for long time supported Slavery system. In Shia Muslims, Muta (Short Contract marriage) is still in practice.

Anything that is against religion is unacceptable to the followers. Everything else, they are open to accept from same source. Whether you have concrete evidence or logical arguments, nothing suffice to trans pass faith. It seems that doors of mind opens from inside not outside. You keep on knocking from outside but it will not yield any result. As long as people’s will not understand that they are victim of cognitive dissonance and unconscious biases (click here to know more about unconscious biases), they will not even try to overcome it.

There is a very thin line between brevity and stupidity. Intellectuals around the globe are forced to cry silently for their right for freedom of expression and free speech. Because even slight criticism about some religions and governments can make their life in danger.