Stop forwarding videos on Facebook


Every day when I open my Facebook account, I saw many videos and posts forwarded by other people. Sadly, half of them are untrue and most of them are posted to spread hatred and communal divide in Indians. Unfortunately, without checking correctness of video, without checking authenticity of the video or even source people are forwarding the posts and videos. The deciding factor is whether the video correlates with your ideology and faith or not. Sharing of such fake video with wrong description is becoming life threatening for some of those persons shown in video.

Right now, Indians are living in one of the most dangerous and confusing situation. My humble request to everyone is to check the facts and authenticity of whatsApp and Facebook video, post or any message before forwarding it. In most of the cases, it is much better not to forward such posts and videos than to forward them and spreading lies and hatred. Not only you are helping spreading lies but also helping those who want to spread hate. With every click, they are earning money. Report such post and delete. Do not forward any post showing violence and hate crime. Use reverse psychology. Think about the person who uploaded the video. What he want by uploading a video showing four people beating a Dalit or a Muslim for carrying meat? He wants to create an atmosphere of terror and hate. Hence, if you want his not to succeed in his intention, stop forwarding such videos and report them and delete them. Ask your friends and family members to do the same.

If you want to forward anything, forward message of brotherhood, love, equality, humanity and peace. Make your Nation strong and stop communal forces from spreading poison.