Fine tuning of Universe and Existence of Christianity:

Some times while debating Science vs.  Christianity, believer come up with the argument of fine tuning and condition required for the existence of life on earth. They argue that life of earth and even existence of universe is so improbable that it requires a God. Without believing in God it is impossible to imagine existence of life.Further, they argue that from more than fifty years Scientists are trying to find intelligent life in universe but still were not able to find life.

Christians fail to realise that this argument is common for all religions and thus should not be used by one particular religion to prove its correctness.

As long as there is not any demonstrable connection between A and B, existence of A does not, in any way, prove existence of B. Religious people’s keep making this mistakes.

  1. World cannot exist without a God
  2. Hence Christianity is true.

Even though, Christianity is biggest religion in terms of followers, but that does not mean there are no other religions in world which have the concept of God or gods and goddesses. Hinduism is the oldest religion and it too has a concept of gods. Islam is fastest growing religion and it too has the concept of one god which is different from Christian God because Christian God has a begotten Son.  But Allah do not have son. So both must be different or you can say only one of them can be right. Most of the religions do have concept of God. But each God concept differed from other. Not only that, there can be two types of Gods- Theist and Deist. Theist is what religious peoples believe in. Theist God interact with its creation, whereas Deist God is just a creator. He is indifferent from its creation. This makes thing more complicated. Now, first Christians, who want to prove Christianity using fine tuning arguments, need to prove that god is not deist God. Secondly, they have to demonstrate connection between A to B.

One can argue, why only Christians have to demonstrate A is connected to B? Answer is simple. Only Christians are hiding behind such argument, thus they are the one to demonstrate it. Take the example of Muslims. They preach Islam based on Quran not based on fine tuning, same is true with Hindus, they preach Hinduism based on Vedas and other religious scriptures. Most of their religious leaders are not scientific literate like Christians do. So, they do not even know how improbable the self-existence of universe is. They only know what is written in scripture and preach the same.

Since Christians were pioneer in Science, from the last few centuries, hence their religious preachers know more science than others religious leaders in present time. Whatever in Science is favourable, they believe in it, rest they leave for scientific community to use for development of nation. A religion which killed scientist for believing in heliocentric theory instead of geo-centric theory is now using science to prove existence of god. Really world is strange place and god works in mysterious ways.