Time waste is a life waste.

If you waste money, you can earn it back. However, you do not have any such facility with time. I have seen people killing time when they do not have anything else to do as if they will recover that time back whenever they want!

Time is most precious thing because as of now, we do not have any technology to reverse time or create time. Hence, use every second of every minute of every hour of every day of your life properly. To use time effectively, always carry some good books with you. Whenever you do not have anything else to do, you can start reading books. If you find it clumsy then you can download some books in your mobile and read it in your mobile whenever you have free time. If you are not interested in reading, then watch educational and motivational videos on YouTube. Meet peoples; call your friends and family members in free time. Make new friends, attend seminars, functions and fairs.

                World is changing very fast. Everyday some new technology is coming in market. Keep updating yourself. Whether you are a student, serviceperson or a businessman, it is equally important for you to learn continuously about new ideas, technologies, politics, cultures and religions. Utilise every moment instead of killing time in doing useless things. Whether rich or poor, we all have only 24 hours a day. No one can buy more time for himself. Hence, make most out of it.

Following are some time saving tips which can help you to save time:

  1. Wake up early. Start with to do list.
  2. Walk faster. When you do not have any goal in mind you walk slowly. Always set your goals and try to exceed them.
  3. While it is good to make friends, avoid wasting time in meaningless gossiping, backbiting and sitting idle.
  4. Plan before you start any activity. Rework waste time, money and energy. Hence, always plan in your mind first.
  5. Entertainment is important in life, however, do not waste whole day watching movies or cricket matches on TV. Try some outdoor games and creative entertainment for few hours.
  6. Take good care of your health to enhance your efficiency.
  7. Try to live near to your workplace. Daily two hours travel does not make any sense in long team.

5 Simple ways to save money:

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5 Simple ways to save money:

We all save some money for different reason; it is a good habit to save money especially for our old age. When you have money in your hand, you want to spend it in amusement and on some not so important activities. Later on, when you need money for important works-you do not have it. Life is unpredictable, so it is better to keep some savings. In Eastern world, there is a culture of too much saving and in western world there is a culture of minimal or no saving. However, both ways are wrong. We need a middle way to live a happy life. Neither too much luxury, nor self-denial.

Whether you are saving for paying back your loan or for your future, below are some tips which might help you to reduce your spending and save you some money:


  • When you go to supermarket for shopping, make a list of items you need to buy. This will save you from buying unnecessary grocery items. In supermarket items are displayed in such a way to attract consumers. Without buying list in your hand you will buy many extra items which will increase your bill.
  • Instead of throwing old stuff, try to re-sale it. Now a days there are many mobile app. And websites which helps you in selling old stuff.
  • Record your spending weekly or daily as time permits. By recording your expenses you will be able to pin point where your money is going and which item you can avoid to save money.
  • Be creative. Make your own gifts rather than buying expensive gifts for your loved once.
  • Quit your bad habits like smoking, drinking and over eating junk food.