Thousands of Indians De-activated Facebook for One day in protest for #India against Rape

Through various protest and candle march across the Nation, Indians proved once again their unity against Rape. It is no more about just Aasifa, Peoples of India are demanding safety for girls and justice for rape victim across India irrespective of their caste and religion. In yet another kind of protest, thousands of Indian mostly from New Delhi, NCR and UP and some other parts of India De-activated their Facebook profile mentioning #India against Rape as the reason for deactivation of Facebook on 23th April 2018 for one day.

On one side, peoples are protesting and on other side, one more rape of a minor reported. Four person kidnaps a 13 years old girl and gang rape her in a Temple. I do not want to color this news in religion because I think no religion allow such heinous and monstrous act. Only sick-minded people can do such things. Fight for justice is going to be long and we need to find new ways of peaceful protest.

In digital era, this is a new kind of digital protest, where peoples De-activated the Facebook and utilize their time to trend #India against Rape on Twitter. One more time Indians demonstrate that humanity is above religion. Politicians are trying hard to divide Indians into religions but we will remain united.