Economic slowdown and Indian Budget 2020:

BJP led Indian Government should stop implementing RSS agenda and start listening to economic experts. Presently PM Modi is busy in pleasing few super rich industrialist and businessman. These Businessmen gives highest donation to BJP during election. However, Businessmen are not economic experts; they are expert of running a company profitably. They have their own hidden agenda to generate more profit for their company by requesting government to make favourable policies. They are focussed on their business not on Indian overall economic growth.

Government should trust more on Bureaucrat and let experts do their jobs. If PM or FM need advice they should listen to Nobel Laureate. Even if opposition parties especially our Ex-PM Manmohan Singh, who changed the course of Indian economy in 1991 and again in his tenure as a PM, wants to give advice, Government must be open to listen to his advice. Unfortunately, presently, this is not the case.

A good Government must have a long term vision. Government should focus on new ways to generate revenue rather than selling profit making PSU’s.Reducing corporate tax was a short term solution for long term problem of economic slowdown. Disinvestment of profit making PSU’s is another short term solution. To make a balanced budget, Govt. should focus on Agriculture and farmers.

A realistic Budget is far better than a popular but unrealistic budget. This is because every surprise brings panic in market. Though I am not a economic expert but as much as I learned about economy as an investor I find more and more economic experts suggesting Government to increase spending on infrastructure project which will generate employment and demand in market rather controlling fiscal deficit. Also, reduction in personal taxes are important, which will give purchasing power to people.

An extra ordinary problem needs extraordinary solutions. India is facing huge economic slowdown. GDP is at its lowest level in last 6 years. Everyone has very high expectations from Government, because this Budget will decide our direction in this new decade.  


Fiscal Deficit: The difference between total Income (revenue) and total expenditure of the government is termed as fiscal deficit. It is represented in terms of percentage of national GDP.

GDP= Gross Domestic product: It is a measure of the value of economic activity within a country. It comprise of market values of all final goods and services produced in an economy during a period of time.

Muslims in India

I am an Indian Muslim. However, neither my nationality nor my religion is chosen by me. No one asked me, no one took my approval. Just based on my birth in a Muslim Indian family, I was tagged with this label. I was given a Muslim name and for everyone in my country, my name is enough for my religious identity. During riots, no non-Muslim mob will ask my ideology or my faith. My name is enough to kill me. 

When I was in secondary school, I realise that different religions have different morals, eating habits and even Gods. In my class of 60 students only 5 students were Muslims. However, to your surprise none out of five were friend together even though we come from same community. I had three best friends, all of them were Hindu. Being a Muslim is not easy though. My friends seldom embarrass me for my eating habits enquiring about what is in my tiffin. They were suspicious that I might have meat in my lunch box! Thanks to my mom, she was smart enough to give me only bread and vegetables.

When I compare that time to present time, I feel those were golden days. My parents and parents of my friends never taught us to stay away from someone because of religious differences. I used to visit my non-Muslim friend’s home and they visited my home. I never feel scared. No such thought ever came to my mind.

When Babri Mosque was demolished, I and my friends had a consensus that on disputed land government should build a hospital or school so that everyone will be benefited.

Slowly but steadily things changed across the north India. Communal forces succeeded in spreading communal poison across many states especially UP, MP, Maharashtra and Gujarat. RSS and BJP finally started gaining success in convincing Hindus that they are indeed in danger because of Muslims who are in minority. Inspired by Nazi ideology, they portray Muslims as culprit of every problem in India, whether it is over population or terrorism. However, fortunately, thanks to globalization and information technology, intellectuals are still against such ideology. Unfortunately, in democracy, only heads count not intellectual ability. Whether you are an illiterate or a graduate you can caste only one vote.

I do not want to pretend like I am victim. Certainly I am not. Even today, my constitution gives me more rights as a citizen of India then in anywhere in the world. I am free to speak and I am free to follow any faith or abandon it. I am happy to be Indian. Indeed, I feel indebted of my country. My country gave me an identity when I travel abroad. I am proud to be Indian. I know many countries where constitution is heavily influence by one religion and for others there is no space. Other people have to live as a second grade people. Sometimes even citizens belonging to the majority feel suffocated because of heavy dose of religion in constitution.

In my opinion, there should be a separation between religion and state. Religion is a private affair, whereas government is for public work. Let me give you an example. When you pray to god or give charity, you give it for your own rewards which you receive in your afterlife. However, if someone asks you to build a road or a mobile tower, you will be reluctant. If a religious person has to choose between making a school or a Mosque, surely he will choose to build a mosque. Because, mosque will fetch him more rewards in afterlife.

People already have enough motivation for religious deeds. But for secular things we need a government who can develop infrastructure, make policies without discrimination based on religion and caste and colour, open more school for scientific education, secure the national borders and to provide employment etc.

Coming back to Indian Muslims, ironically, Muslims are nomore important for any political party. Even in past, no political party didenough for them. Congress and other so called secular parties use them as avote bank. In last 50 years, even Muslim leaders fail to do anything forMuslims. Indian Muslims are living in very funny situation. On one hand theyhave to give proof of their patriotism and on other hand they have to balance their religious identity.

Why Indian must be proud of being INDIAN?

We seldom says that India is a Great country and we are proud of it! But most often it is just an outburst of emotions because practically most of us don’t even know what is so great about it. If I ask you what is so great about India, you will falter after telling me two or three points. On other hand there are some people so negative and narrow-minded that they fail to realise any Greatness in India. They feel that India has achieved nothing in last 70 years of our independence. Below is a list of ten achievements India has made since Independence. This list is not exhaustive and there are much more to add. This list will give you real reason why we should be proud to be an Indian. Watch Namaste London to know more about Great Indian contribution to the world.

  • India is the largest democracy in the world.
  • India has one of the most advance weather forecast systems in the World.
  • India has 4th fastest super computer in the world.
  • India is the first Asian county to successfully place a spacecraft in orbit around Mars, and the first country anywhere to do so on its first attempt. Be proud of our technology!
  • We are largest producers of fresh fruits, milk, pulses and oil seeds, sunflower seeds etc. We are second largest producer of Sugarcane in world.
  • India has one of the most sophisticated missile programs in the world. India rank in top four military powers in the world. Feel safe.
  • India has some of the best institution for education in world.
  • India is among few nations who eradicated Polio 100%.
  • India has one of the best Space Agency-ISRO. It made a new world record by launching 104 satellites from a single rocket.
  • India is a Nuclear Power! Better don’t mess with us.

An Open letter to TEEN-INDIA

Hi Mates,

Let me take some liberty to write in your language. :). Because it is always easy to make someone understand in his or her language. Here is my message to TEEN-India.

I am not a preacher. I am just like you-An Indian with some gray hairs and with a vision to make India developed Nation by 2030. Thanks to IT (information Technology) that you have all the information on your fingertips literally. Just a click on google and you find information about everything invented or discovered until this date. You are empowered to bring change in sleeping giant called India. So gear up guys and gals and be the change you want to see in our Nation. Start from yourself.

You are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. So Work on tomorrow’s technologies. Work on AI, Block chain, AR, VR, edge computing, renewable sources of energy, space technology, Robotics, Genetics, synthetic biology, stem cell, Nano technology etc. Look around yourself, what problems Peoples are facing and how you can solve them using technology and convert it into a successful business idea.

What Hollywood movies shows you is not real west. In real west, large no. of peoples are dedicating life to research and development of Science. They publish most of the books and read them too. That is how they are so advance and developed nation. Someone asked Elon Musk (A man behind Space X and Electric car Tesla) “how do you know about so many things?” He simply answer in three words “I read books”. Here in India just a wink distract whole Nation! People will tell you that Bill Gates was a drop out. However, they forget to tell you that he used to study books for hours in his free time. Below is what Bill Gates told about his learning habit:

“I’ve always loved digging into the science and math behind my work. At Microsoft, I got deep into computer science. At the foundation, it’s computer science plus biology, chemistry, agronomy, and more. I’ll spend hours talking to a researcher or an expert, and then I’ll go home, dying to tell Melinda what I’ve learned. I can’t imagine a better way to spend the bulk of my time”: #TBT

Reading books, along with your textbooks, are very important for a better perspective of your life. Watch motivational and inspiration videos from all over the world. Learn about Great personalities, innovators and entrepreneurs across the globe like Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Richard Dawkins, Jeff Bezos, Sunder Pichai, Indra Nooyi , Steve Jobs, CV Raman, APJ Abdul Kalam, Aryabhatta , Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Stephen Hawking to name a few.

What India needs is a youth with scientific attitude towards life. An ignited mind. A desire to change corrupt systems and vote for right candidates. Start early. Do not just memories books for exams. Understand them. Believe that everything you are reading is important. Ask questions, try to understand practical implications of knowledge you are gaining. Apply what you learn in school in your daily life. Be an observer. Ask yourself can we do things differently. Find some innovative ideas and try setting up a business. Right now, we have fewer jobs and more qualified students searching for jobs. Hence, the only solution is instead for becoming job seeker become job creator. Govt. has introduced many schemes for starts up under Make in India initiative.

World is full of small and negative thinkers. If you are not getting good-grades in your exams that does not mean you are not genius. You might have some other skills or you are just not interested in studies. Your grades are not representative of your intelligence. Einstein never scored good grades in exam but still he is one of the most brilliant mind in human history. Believe in yourself. Don’t always listen to others. Sometimes we feel that everything is finish. We start thinking that I do not have any quality. I am a total failure and I am an embracement for my family. There is no point in living.  That is not true.

After every dark night, there is a bright day. We never know what our destiny holds for us. One or two failures does not end anything. Greatness is not in never falling, but in raising again every time you fall. You are not a failure until you give up! My friends NEVER GIVE UP. Pin point your problem that is holding you back. Work on it and get rid of it. Life is beautiful. Believe in yourself. One day you will succeed. You will have everything you dream about if you never give up. If you can’t run-Walk. If you can’t walk-Crawl. Nevertheless, never ever stop in your life. Always keep moving forward.

Wishing you happiness and success in all walks of life. Jai Hind.

A fellow Indian.

Bleeding Hearts


Muslims are biggest minority in India and ever since they settled in India, they enriched Indian heritage and culture.Considering the ratio of population, in many areas Indian minorities contributed more in development of Nation than Majority.

Indian Muslims are Unique in many ways. One reason for this might be long association of Muslims with Indian subcontinent. Muslims arrived in Kerala in 8th century AD. They came through sea route from Arabian Peninsula. Most important impact of Muslims can be seen during Mughal period and later in struggle for independence. Muslims are living in India from more than 700 years. Before 1500AD Muslims came to India for various reasons such as trade, learning, preaching Islam and looting and robbing Indian wealth. They were foreigners like British who returned back after finishing their mission. It was only during Mughals, that Muslims made India their home country and settled permanently here. They were not the robbers who took Indian wealth outside the country. But they gave India a rich heritage to cherish. Redford, Taj Mahal, Humayun’s tomb, Jodha Bai’s Palace Fatehpur Sikri , Kutub Minar are few such examples made by Muslim rulers. Akber-The most successful Mughal emperor united the whole nation and expanded its border. Many brave and intellectual Hindus were part of his Court. He was a secular King who treated everyone with fairness and equality irrespective of his religion, caste or color.

It requires a whole book to write about Muslims contribution in struggle for independence. But Alas! After 60 years of independence, Muslims need a certificate of Patriotism from those organisations who never took part in the struggle of independence. We are supposed to say certain slogan to prove we are Indian!

India is a Great Country! It’s rich culture, freedom of expression and history makes it even Greater. I am a proud Indian and I love my country. I respect Constitution of India and I am a law-abiding citizen. My heart bleeds when somebody calls someone a traitor just because of his/her name. My heart bleeds when someone tells me or to someone else to go to Pakistan because we do not agree with their hard-line communal ideology. My heart bleeds when people’s divide us into we and them!