II. Is it true that India is the most dangerous country for women?


Social media, newspaper and news channels are full of Rape news. The Thompson Reuters Foundation, which ranked India as most dangerous country for women is based on the perception of over 500 “experts” and not on Indian citizens. It is a fact that in recent time, some of the most brutal rapes happened in India. Even minor girls are raped and murdered ruthlessly. However, if we go with statistics, India is not the most dangerous country for women. India is not among the top 10 countries having highest rape rate. Many developed country like USA and many European countries have highest rape crime. There are some other countries where such crimes remain unreported or even women are punished instead of male accused.

More than rape, heartless, cruel, inhuman, pitiless rape and murder accompanied with social movement to bring justice to the victim created such a hype about India being the most dangerous country. In India, women have freedom of speech and they can report the incident. There are various women organizations working for women empowerment and justice.

India is a big country with big population. There are villages, cities and metropolitan cities. No one should pass judgement for whole nation for localised incidents. In most of the areas, single women are living without any problem. We cannot ignore that Rape is a big problem in India. However, India is certainly not the most dangerous country for women.


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