How To Love Your Work Which Is Not Your Passion?

It is true and now a days a general advise that do what you love. However, sometimes our love and passion are not financially viable source of income. In such case we can’t do what we love to do for our survival and wellbeing. In such scenario, we have to do what we ought to do!

From college itself we start making wrong carrier choices. Later on we get job based on those wrong carrier choices. We became mediocre employee and keep cursing everyone. In schools and colleges, we choose courses based on peer pressure, parents’ wishes and because of our inexperience.

Most of parents force their kids to choose professional courses. Most importantly, in India, parent knows only two profession- Medical and Engineering. As if no one else is making fortune. Without knowing and asking their kids, parent force them to take mathematics or biology. One more problem with Indian parents is that they think their child is genius but not studying enough to get good marks (90%). They don’t care about interest of their children. Suppose if a child is very good in painting, instead of motivating and supporting him to become great painter, parents will force him to become Engineer. Every parent in India wants his child to top in class and even in school. Somebody must tell them that only one person can top the school at one time! So, parents should have realistic goals and do some more research about new courses and professions available now days. Till this happens, people have to find some methods to love what they are doing.

Now question is how to develop your interest in what you have to do for living? Firstly, you must learn completely about your job and try to understand what is the importance of your job? No job is small or big. Every job is important. Find out how your job, you company or your industry is bringing positive change in society. For example: if you are working in HVAC company, you may be a small part of your company but always remember that for perfectly running  any machinery every part, how so ever small it may be, is equally important. Your work may not be changing anyone’s life, but your company is providing comfort and clean air to lot of peoples and making their life better. By knowing this you can develop love for your job. Because you are not just preparing drawings, presentation or doing execution work at site but you are working to make life better for thousands of peoples who will come to that building.

Secondly, work hard to become expert of your profession. When you will become expert, you can work based on your own rules. You will receive recognition; increments and appreciation which will help you love your work. Most of the time it is our laziness and habit of procrastination that makes us hate our work. You do not love your job when you do not know your job. When you work hard and learn completely about your job, you will no longer depend on company, but company will depend on you. You will gain extra freedom and flexibility in work, which will definitely improve your working environment and make you love your job.

If you can’t do what you love, love what you do.

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Real Happiness:

Most of us want a decent job to earn enough money to live a happy life. However, within a short span of time, they realize that they are not happy even though they are earning ample salary. Money is important but money is not the only thing required to be happy! If you make your hobby your means to earn livelihood, not only you will be more successful but also you will be happier. By choosing your priorities early, you can make your life better. After all, life is the product of our choices and situations.

Believe me; in present world, it is not so difficult to make your passion your profession. You just need planning and lot of patience. It might take some time before you start earning handsome amount of money. Nevertheless, once you start earning money, with time, it will continue to increase. Best part is that you are living your passion. You will be happy even though you are earning less initially. The only thing stopping you to live your passion is your thinking. Ask yourself this question. How can I make money with my hobbies? Focus on the skills you have and find the way to convert your hobby into your profession. Start making YouTube videos to help other and monetize your channel. If you are passionate about writing, start your own blog and use wordads or adsense to generate money.

Sometimes peoples confuse temporary laughter as happiness. Especially while giving example that money is not required for happiness, we point towards a poor person laughing on a joke or being happy playing with his children. Definitely, money is not prerequisite for happiness. However, money makes life easier. You gain better control on your life with money. Without money, you can be happy in bits and pieces. You do not need money to enjoy company of your loved once. However, without money they might not give you time or respect you deserve. Which will make you sad.

For permanent happiness, sufficient money to run your life smoothly is indeed required. However, besides money various other things are crucial too. Most important is your health. Not just of your body but also of your mind as well. Give time to your mind and body. As exercise and balance diet keep your body fit, meditation, mindfulness techniques and good sleep keeps your mind fit. Second important factor is relationships. Make sure you are marring to right person by talking to her. Focus on his/ her nature more than his/ her appearance. If you find a wife with good nature and pleasant personality, your life will be like heavens! Divorcing and getting married again will not fix things. Your first wife will take away some of you with her, and leave some of her imprint on you for long time if not forever! If you have kids, divorce will be a hell, not just for you but for your kids as well. You cannot learn everything by hit and trial. Hence, the right way is to check out everything before deciding for marriage.

Third thing is Job. Look for less tension, more pay jobs or business. Follow your passion. You can live happily even in less money by following your passion and converting it into your profession.

Fourth point is perspective. This is actually a difficult point. Please focus and try to understand it. Not all those peoples, who believe purpose of life is happiness, should follow their own perspective if it does not match with others in their society. Because you will not be happy if you have different perspective. Your life, your family, everything will disturb. However, if you believe that purpose of life is to live with reason and self-control in every situation you must strive for true perspective. On an average 85 % peoples in this world live their life with wrong perspective towards life. Still, they live a happy life because they never care about truth. Moreover, their happiness is fake like happiness of drug addict, when he takes drug, he feel like he is flying in air. He forgot every problem in his life. As effect of drug vanishes, he start feeling pain and weakness. Hence, Purpose of life should not be happiness; else, in pursuit of happiness you might become a “Hippie”.  True happiness is not in running behind happiness but in making life meaningful and purposeful. Happiness is not a goal but a condition, which we can achieve by setting right goal for our life. Those who confuse happiness as goal or purpose of life cannot live a meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding life. Take pain in making your life meaningful, set goal and exceed them. In due course, you will attain happiness.

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