Discover yourself & live a meaningful life:

For whole life, we remain busy in learning about everything except our self. For first 20 years (up to graduation) of our education, we learn about the world and everything in it. However, no one teach us about our mind in detail, except if you take psychology as your subject in graduation.

If you are uneducated, you do not have even basic knowledge about yourself. You live your life believing you know about yourself everything. Unfortunately, psychologically you know nothing about yourself. You do not know about unconscious bias you have, you do not know about believes which were embedded in you during your childhood in your brain through indoctrination. You do not know that your subconscious mind and conscious mind do not have direct connection. You do not know that extreme emotions like anger trigger your subconscious to by-pass conscious mind and take charge of situation. Whatever you do during this time period will be entirely different from your normal behaviour. Later you might even repent it. Learn about Neural Science, psychology and human behaviours, this is where we all need to invest some time and money.

Knowing about yourself, i.e. your mind can empower you to develop better control over yourself self. In book 7-habits of highly effective peoples, Author mentioned very powerful and practical thought:

There is a space between stimulus and response, in that space lies your freedom to choose your response and on your response depends your growth and future. Use your space to take right decision.

Do not let your sub-conscious dictate you its decision. Think positively for a moment: What will be the outcome of this? Suppose a person get mad at you. Your first and immediate reaction will be anger. Your fight or flight mode is on based on your subconscious action. Wait for a second to think, what is the right action?  Immediately you will realize in most of cases that fighting is not the right action. Use your space between stimulus and response. Your response must come from conscious brain. Soon you will discover a new you! By discovering yourself you can motivate yourself and make your life more productive. Below are things we can do to keep us self-motivated.

  1. Vision: Primarily important thing for successful life and motivation is vision. Vision is more than forward thinking. It is overall plan to achieve your desired goals based on resources you have and knowledge of your surroundings. If you don’t know where you are going you will never be interested in going there.
  2. Smart Work: Plenty of people do hard work and at some time feel tired of their efforts as they fail to earn in proportion of their work. They fail to realize that with hard work they also need right direction to be successful. Start doing smart work which is the combination of hard work with right direction. When you start getting success or increment in your salary/ profit, you automatically become motivated.
  3. Positive Thinking: Most of our disappointment are result of negative thinking. A small bird shit on you and you feel disgusting. Thanks god that elephants do not fly! That is call positive attitude. Stop worrying when your flight is 3 hours late; look for a bookstore or a restaurant. Go to Mc Donald’s and enjoy Mc burger! Your anger and frustration will not land the flight earlier. You have to wait. Wait happily. Use your mobile phone and talk to your loved once watch videos, surf internet. Always remember, Good time run faster than bad time. Thus, whenever you have to pass time make it good time.
  4. Use your sub-conscious: Meditation can help you to motivate yourself. Our mind understand images not words. Create a bright and happy image in your mind while meditating. Think about changes you want to bring in your life, and how those changes will make you happy. You can read my blog on sub-conscious mind and meditation in detail here.
  5. Read Good Books. There is no substitute of books. If you are not a good reader, try watching videos on YouTube. Videos of great achievers, biographies and lectures of motivational guru’s can help you.
  6. Think about Others: Many peoples do not want to work anymore because they had enough to live their life comfortably. This is very small thinking. Human are social animals, we must think about others. If you have enough, then either help others to earn or spent on them.

Understanding Brain:Who are you?

There are two entities governing human being. The body, nervous system and subconscious brain makes the First entity. Other is conscious mind or our thinking brain which we will call the second entity. Let us try to understand this by below example:

No one wants to have any kind of pain but yet when we we have an injury, we feel pain. If our Conscious brain (which is actually me), is an autonomous body having full control then why we cannot stop our own pain? Why we can’t stop our own tears when we want to hide our emotions? Why we feel hungry when we already accumulate enough fat and want to reduce it to be in good shape?

Above questions and many more such questions suggest that Conscious brain is not autonomous body. We are not fully in charge of functioning of our body. Our subconscious (The first entity) brain has predefined program to function . This program is encoded in our DNA and executed by our subconscious or unconscious mind. We receive this pre-defined program from our parent’s gene. The program not only regulates our growth, appearance and our ageing but also define standard procedure of operation in case of any instant threat to our body. A simple paper cut in our hand starts several operations within a second to mend it. At the same time a signal is sent to our brain to create a sensation of pain so that we can react externally. If there is no pain, we might not take any action to stop bleeding as it might remain unnoticed. So pain is a mechanism through which our sub-conscious brain communicates with conscious mind.

As we cannot talk to a microprocessor or computer directly, in the same way we cannot talk to our body or subconscious brain directly. We need programming language to instruct it. Right now we do not have any such program, programming skills or programming language to directly instruct our subconcious brain to take action according to our choice like- utilizing accumulated fat in our belly for energy requirement instead for carving for food or stopping any abnormal cell growth which can cause tumor.

All our internal process occurs without our notice leaving our conscious mind free to think and focus on worldly affairs. If our conscious mind will be made responsible of all internal functions then we will not be able to focus on any external things. We will become self-absorbed. Our conscious brain can do just one function at a time.

Your unconscious (Or subconscious brain) has amazing processing capabilities compared with the conscious mind. Research shows the unconscious mind absorbs millions of bits of sensory information through the nervous system in any one second. Given the name ‘unconscious mind’ you will not be aware of a lot of the processes that the unconscious mind engages in. The research also shows that our subconscious brain understands images and pictures. So meditation and visualising image of positive things can generate positive result. To read about Meditation please click here.