Respect Women as an Individual

We all love our mother. There is hardly any exception in that sentence. A mother is a women who gives birth to us putting her life in danger. A mother has nine month extra relationship with baby than a father or any other member of family. She is the one who sacrifices her carrier, her ambitions and even her whole life for her children. In all religions and philosophies a women is respected as a mother.

There is something wrong in our societies. We can respect women as a mother, sister and daughter however, when the same women want respect and equality as an individual, we have problem. Many women too are not feminist for various social and religious reasons. Peoples have views and arguments proving women are physically weak or even further, women are mentally inferior to man. Even if for the sake of argument I accept this bullshit, it does not make women, less human. Women are not from Mars. Why it is so difficult for some man to understand that women are HUMAN being. Even though man and women have different physical appearance and brain structure but they are not inferior to man or superior to man. Women brain is more closely packed and thus has smaller size than man’s brain but that does not mean women are less intelligent. In some activities women’s are far better than man. we all human are equal and we must have equal rights and equal freedom to live, to pursue our goals and to grow.

I personally believe that, we must stop comparison. Comparison is causing much harm. Fruits are fruits. What is the point in comparing an apple to a banana? Both have their own quality, taste, nutrition value and appearance. Similarly, man and women both are human and both must be treated equally. They may excel in different areas or in many cases in same areas. They both have different qualities, appearance and serve different purposes in society. We should try to enhance their individual strengths.

In some cases, man can be weaker than women. Does that mean all those man are inferior to women and women are entitled to treat them badly?

One of the problem with the feminist movement is that, as always, it is the brain child of males. Why women can’t think for themselves? In Muslim countries man wants women to wear veils or hijab and cover whole body even eyes in some cases, so women are doing it, without even reading their scriptures! Why rules for men are not implemented the same way as for women? Why women do not raise their voice on this issue? In western countries man want women to wear short and revealing sexy outfits, so women are wearing it and believe that they are free and liberals. How two opposite ideologies can be correct at the same time? Either all women must be comfortable in covering themselves or in uncovering themselves. Why there is no consensus? Why women want to be puppet in the hand of man?

Think for yourself. Slavery is abolished but it seems not for women! Do not let peer pressure and males voices to dictate what is right and what is wrong for you. Think about yourself for yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world. Take your carrier more seriously.

Women must raise their voice, to tell the world what they want and what is good for them.

Every human being is different from other, some are strong, some are weak, some are more intelligent and some are less intelligent but that does not change anything. We breathe same air, live on same earth and drink the same water. When nature does not makes any difference, why do we? Nature hates disparity. Let us stop hating each other and make a beautiful and peaceful world where every human being is equal irrespective of caste, color, gender and religion. This can only be possible when we start respecting each other and change our old ways of thinking. When someone tells you women are sex object, think about your mother, daughter or sister. Are they sex objects? Every women is a daughter of someone, she deserve same respect that your gives to your mother or sister.

I dedicate this blog to all women in world!

This post is outcome of below post which is written about Book “Fraud of feminism” on anti-feminism  by E Belfort Bax written in 1913.


You can read full post here, where the blogger gave detail from the book.

Below are some parts of Book from same blog which pissed me off.

In it he argues that the claims of feminism are unfounded and are buttressed by fallacy upon fallacy. He argues women are  physically, intellectually and morally inferior to men. I am going ahead of myself.

Bax says feminism consists of the assertion of equality in intellectual capacity, in spite of appearances to the contrary, of women with men. In his view, because of the inequalities, women shouldn’t have been allowed to vote. He was assuredly against the suffragettes. To the question of why men of decidedly inferior mental capacities could vote when women couldn’t, he deferred to an argument for averages. He says in all these matters we have to deal with averages.

Bax tells us and he would gratify those who see women only as sexual objects

[…] the truth in question consists in the fact, while man has a sex, women is a sex.

Quoting Otto’s book Sex and Character, he writes

Woman is only sexual, man is also sexual. In woman, sexuality is diffused over the whole body, every contact on whatever part excites her sexually.

But he doesn’t stop here, he goes on to write

……woman has continued to find her chief function in the direct procreation of the race.

Is Women Safe in India?


Once I was watching TV, and a lady Govt. Minister make a statement on the issue of increasing rape cases that Rape is an ordinary crime. It keeps happening.  If a lady can have such a mentality, what we can expect from males? One Ex-CM said “capital punishment for rape is not right, young boys sometimes make mistake in their youth.” There are numerous such examples we can find in Indian media where rape and sexual exploitations are undermine and more importantly, it is not the accused but the victim whom society makes to feel ashamed and guilty.

Eve teasing, marital rape, domestic violence, dowry system, female infanticide, gender inequality in society and many other problems related to women are found in India. It is no surprise that India is positioned at the 29th rank among 146 countries across the globe on the basis of Gender Inequality Index. The National Crime Records Bureau reveal that a crime against a woman is committed every three minutes, a woman is raped every 29 minutes, a dowry death occurs every 77 minutes, and one case of cruelty committed by either the husband or relative of the husband occurs every nine minutes.

Indian society needs overhauling. Not just for man but for women too. Women are their own enemy. When a girl child is born in a family, mother in law start cursing her daughter in law. As if she is responsible for girl child and girls are somehow bad or evil! If there is a working woman in a family, women of family start gossiping about her affair even though nothing such exists in reality.  Mother gives free hand to their sons and put all sorts of restriction on daughters. If every mother start teaching her son to respect not only sisters and mother but also women as a human being then we can reform society very soon.

We also need women empowerment to change this scenario. By empowering women we can eradicate many evils of our society. Moreover, no country can be developed if half of its population will not work.Lot of work has already been done still more need to be done. Presently out of 100% work force only 28% are women.

Against all odds, women in India are performing exceedingly well in every walk of life including Politics, Games, business, Arm forces, Education, Science and technologies, IT and Media to name a few. They face stiff resistance at every step forward but with their determination and burning desire to prove themselves they pass every hurdle and achieve their goals. We all have to accept with full conviction that man and women are equal and should have equal opportunity and equal rights. Only then, we can make a safe India for women.