Indian Elections and Dirty Politics

People say that if you repeat lie 100 times it became truth. Same is happening in India under BJP Government. Politicians are playing with history distorting and twisting it. Even The Pradhan Sevak (Mr. Modi) is in front row in misquoting history, especially during election campaign. Recent election campaign, in Karnataka are no exception. Here Mr. Modi try to portray Nehru as insulting Field Marshall Cariappa and General Thimayya. Modi said “In 1948 after defeating Pakistan, General Thimayya was insulted by PM Nehru and Defence Minister Krishna Menon”.However, if you read history, dates and incidents he mentioned does not fit with what he said. General KS Thimayya was not the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army in 1948.

Being Prime Minister of India is a big responsibility. We, the citizen of India, expect more accurate historical facts from our PM. Mr. Modi is first PM who is more interested in election campaign than in National issues. More than hundred peoples died in recent storm Rajisthan, UP and near by areas but Mr. Modi remain busy in election rallies in Karnataka. He sent condolences on his twitter account as if every india is well verse in English and follow him on twitter. 

“Saddened by the loss of lives due to dust storms in various parts of India. Condolences to the bereaved families. May the injured recover soon.

Have asked officials to coordinate with the respective state governments and work towards assisting those who have been affected: PM”

In India there are 29 states. Each state has the election in every 5 years (60 months). This means, approximately every two month there is a state election in India. Each election takes around one month of election campaigning and shortlist of candidates etc. Hence, if a Prime minister will take active part in election, he has to dedicate six months of every year in elections alone. In those six month who will do the Prime Minister’s work?  I am not saying that Mr. Modi is the first or the last PM to take part in elections. However, in my life span, I have not seen any PM more committed to every state election than Mr. Modi. This may be good for his party but not good for a Nation. BJP is in full majority in centre. They already have government in 18 states. This is the time when BJP ministers and our PM must work for country and win elections based on their work not by creating communal divide in society.  

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