Sustainability in Everything

Scientist and Futurist are finding ways to terraform Mars for future use in case earth became inhabitable. But if we implement sustainability in all walks of life, we will never need another planet. Our earth is sufficient for the need of everyone. However, it is not sufficient for the greed of everyone.

Form last few centuries world is under capitalist power. Their main goal was to increase production by exploiting all natural resources. They needed huge supply of energy. Coal and Petroleum was the solution. Irrespective of its effect on ecosystem, human keep on using fossil fuels like coal and petroleum to bring about industrial revolution. Later they realize that something is wrong, air is getting polluted causing health hazards, acid rain and global warming. Ozone layer started depleting. But still no one stopped production, no one switch to renewable source of Energy. Even today, fossil fuels are the main source of energy. In many densely populated industrial cities, effect of pollution is visible. Respiratory diseases are increasing. In winters there is a thick fog causing difficulty in breathing.

Slowly we are shifting towards green energy and green building. But this is not enough. We need to be more serious about it. First we need to terraform earth rather than planning for mars. We need to find more efficient ways to use and produce energy. We have to shift completely to renewable source of energy like solar, wind and hydro. Trees are not enough; as they only exhale oxygen in day time. We need artificial plants converting CO2 into Oxygen 24 x 7. We have to promote culture of roof gardening and city plantation. Arrange water for existing plants. There should be separate plants which can be used for furniture. Or we must start using alternate material for furniture, doors and windows. Government must make strict rules for stopping cutting of jungles. If you are cutting a tree, you have to sow two saplings. Barren and hard lands to be used for making homes and fertilize lands to be reserved for only farming and plantation. Villages to be modernize to produce enough food for all.

Sustainability is very important concept. If we need sustainable future, we have to implement sustainability everywhere. Sustainability in society, Sustainability in work, Sustainability in energy use, sustainability in environment conservation etc.

Even your small contribution can make a big difference. Try to adopt below habits:

  1. Reuse and recycle everything that you can. Do not mix different kind of waste. Keep paper waste separately and give it to recycle.
  2. Conserve energy. Do not let AC and lights and fans turn on when you go out for long time.
  3. Do not waste water.
  4. Use both side of paper for unofficial work. Do not print until deem necessary.
  5. Use renewable energy. Buy a solar panel and install at your roof.
  6. Switch to Electric cars. They are quitter and trendy. More importantly do not cause pollution.
  7. Harvest Rain water.
  8. Use LED bulbs and energy-efficient equipment. Though they may be expensive initially, but within a year you will reach to break even.
  9. Do not put frozen items directly in microwave for heating. Plan in advance. Leave frozen items out for some time and then heat it. Similarly, do not keep hot items immediately in refrigerator.
  10. Do not install AC in front of a door. In that case all cool air will go out when you will open the door.
  11. Plant trees around your house and reduce heat entering inside building.
  12. Insulate your overhead water tank to avoid water over heating in summer and too cold in winter.
  13. Do not leave geyser (Electric hot water heater) on in night.
  14. In restaurant, do not order excessive food. Eating less is better than wasting food. Even if you order extra food, ask waiter to pack the remaining food. Even if you don’t want to consume it, give it to some poor road side beggar.
  15. Store less food unless required. If you have nearby supermarket, then try buying fresh food. Less food in fridge means less power consumption. Some fruit and vegetable not require to be preserving in refrigerator like onion, potatoes and bananas. Learn about what need to store in refrigerator and what not!
  16. Switch back to outdoor games, books and chatting to real people’s face to face rather than computer games and chatting to unknown persons on net.
  17. Avoid dark color paints and wall papers inside home. While buying or making home take care of proper natural ventilation and sunlight.
  18. Use walking or bicycle for small distance.
  19. While giving charity, make sure to donate one portion to NGO working for environmental cause.
  20. Share your innovative ideas to world. May be it change someone’s life. For example below is a very simple innovative product available on Amazon. This plate is made up of aluminium and increase conduction rate of heat transfer by increasing surface area. You can buy it at affordable rate by clicking this link. 

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