Astrology is not Science-Part-II

I always advocate one thing. Do not criticize anything until you do not know about it. If you do not understand something, study it. Learn about it. If learning creates more doubt that means most probably, you were right. If learning removes your doubts that’s means you were wrong initially in criticizing it. Nevertheless, when I wrote my last post, I made the same mistake. Without knowing much about astrology, I declared, “Astrology is wrong”. Click here to read my last post.

We all are bias towards our own belief. Since Islam does not support Astrology, I do not need any strong reason to reject Astrology. However, astrology is part of Hindu culture and religion. For them, it is not easy to disbelieve in it so easily. They want others to prove astrology is worng and fail to underatand that burdon of proof is on them because they are making an extra-ordanary claim.

Finally, I decided to learn about Astrology. I search for various astrologers and selected one. In two days, I watched eight videos and took notes. I learn that to be an astrologer you need 2-3 month practice. However, that was not my goal. I wanted to understand basic concept of astrology, how it works and how planets affect us. I acquired more knowledge than an ordinary individual who believe in Astrology and horoscope. Now, I am in better position to comment on Astrology.

I am more confident now that Astrology is not a Science. Astrology is faith-based mythology. There is no truth in it. In fact, no planet affect us by any ways. Gravity of planets is far less than gravity of your nearby objects. Sun being the biggest and the energy powerhouse and moon being closest affect earth. However, they are not planets. Calling them planet is first blunder Astrologers made. Second blunder is considering earth being center and sun, and all planets revolving around earth. Long back Geo-centric theory was disproved by scientist. At present, we know that the Sun is at one foci of planets elliptical orbits. Moon is a satellite orbiting earth. Sun is a star. Earth is also a planet. If any planet affect us more than rest of the planet, it must be earth. Nevertheless, in Astrology there is no space for earth’s effect on us! Astrology deals with only five nearby planets, even though we have eight planets plus Pluto. Size and weight wise only two things matters in our solar system. First, Sun and second is Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It is approximately 318 times as massive as Earth. If the mass of all of the other planets in the solar system were combined into one Giant planet, Jupiter would still be two and a half times as large as the Giant planet. Sun is almost 10 times larger than the planet Jupiter.

Astrology can at best be defined as ancient astronomy combined with religious mythology. At present, Astronomy and astrology are far more different.

There is a concept in psychology called “cognitive dissonance”. When we have a very strong core belief, anything against it make you feel uncomfortable. You are willing to discard everything how so ever logical which goes against it. For most of the Indian religions (which originated in India like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism etc.) Astrology is one of the core belief. Hence, it is not only difficult for them but somewhat uncomfortable to disbelief in astrology.

Astrology is around 3000 years old. For first 2500 years, when Science was not an organized institute, there was no contender of Astrology. As telescope were perfected , people like Galileo and Copernicus come up with new model of solar system with sun in center and all planets including earth revolving around sun. A new branch of Science originated called Astronomy. If astrology was correct, we never had Astronomy. Astronomy gave us correct and much deeper view of universe. Based on Astronomical findings we are able to send rovers on other planets.

In Vedic Astrology, there are two more mysterious character besides so-called seven physical planets-Rahu and Ketu. Rahu-Ketu is the Sanskrit name given collectively for the Nodes of the Moon. Rahu is the North, and Ketu is the south node of the Moon. They are always directly opposite each other, that is 180 degrees apart. You can read more about Vedic Astrology and mythology by clicking below link at your own risk.

Based on astrology we can only make guesses. Sometimes they are right, most of the time they are wrong. Whole concept of astrology is flawed. Astrology was developed by those people who didn’t knew the size of planets, eccentric orbits of planets, total no. of planet (they consider only 5 planets and left earth) weight of planets and distance of planets from each other. Moreover, they didn’t knew difference between planet, satellite, sun and star. They treated all the same! Further, they didn’t knew that sun is not revolving around earth. Furthermore, they consider flat earth model while dividing sky in 12 part, each part represent one Zodiac sign.

Mare existance of something for long time does not make it true. Historically many things survived for long period of time but no one believe in their truthness. For example Pyramids were made 3500 years ago and still exists. They were built with a belief that dead person will need all those things which we need while alive. Many stories susrived for thousands years but that does not make them true, if they were not true initially.

This blog is not intended to hurt feelings of any person. Since religion is sensitive issue even mild criticism can hurt someone. I apologise for that in advance. But there is no point in believing pseudo science. With correct world view we can live more meaningful life. Please do not believe in any superstition. Embrace reality.

6 thoughts on “Astrology is not Science-Part-II

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  2. I only read the first paragraph, but yes, I agree, it definitely is not science. It’s very faith-based. But that being said, it doesn’t mean that there are not elements of truth within it or at least ideas that can help bring out the best qualities of human behavior.

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Having said that, Please note that, Astrology is a superstition. If superstition can have element of truth or can bring out good qualities then you are right. But unfortunately, it is not the case. Superstitions are not good. Whole Astrology is wrong.


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