Friends- Assets or Liability?


We all have friends at some point of time if not always. However, there is a mark difference between friends and the true friends. Many friends are actually just attention seekers, opportunity driven Peoples who pretend to be your friends for getting some benefits. Do not confuse them with your true friends. These peoples are your social connections. Such peoples will treat you well as long as you are useful to them. In your good time, they will be with you but in bad time, they will run away.

True friends are the one who will always be there in your difficult times and will give you right advice whether you like it or not. True friends are assets we all must have. Such friends make your life good and remain loyal to your family long after you gone. It is very difficult to find such friends but once you find them make sure you never lose them. There is no standard procedure to find or make true friends. The only way is to be genuine with your friends and be with them in their difficult time.

When things are progressing well in our life, we do not realize any need of support and help from any one. Unfortunately, such pleasant phases do not last longer for most of us. When some unfortunate, unpleasant and unplanned thing occurs in our life, we look all around for helping hand and shoulder to lean on. In such time, if you find your true friends besides you, life becomes easier. My concept of sustainable society is also driven with same notion. Click here to read about sustainable society. 

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